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1. Soạn trên file word hoặc notepad --> Lưu lại file định dạng là .txt (plain text)

2. Mỗi câu cách nhau 1 dòng

3. Không để các ký tự dấu ' (vd: I'm phải sửa lại thành I am, hay she isn't --> she is not hoặc doesn't/don' t/didn't --> does not/do not/ did not. Câu tường thuật she said:"I love Namm." --> She said-I love Nam ...)


Most doctors and nurses have to work on a _______ once or twice a week at the hospital.

{~ solution =night shift ~household chores ~special dishes}

We enjoy _____time together in the evening when the family members gather in the living room after a day 

     of working hard.

{=spending ~caring ~taking ~doing}

He is a _______ boy. He is often kind and helpful to every classmate.

{~frank ~lovely ~obedient =caring}

According to the boss, John is the most _______ for the position of executive secretary.

{~ supportive ~caring =suitable ~comfortable}

Billy, come and give me a hand with cooking.

{=help ~prepared ~be busy ~attempt}

Whenever problems come up, we discuss them frankly and find solutions quickly.

{=happen ~encounter ~arrive  ~clean}

You should not burn _______. You had better dig a hole and bury it.

{~dishes ~lab =garbage ~ shift}

One of Vietnamese traditions is a belief in _______ families and in preserving their cultures.

{wealthy ~secure ~safe = close-knit}

The _______ that our family members share closely is watching film

  {~concern ~interest ~pleasure =entertainment}

We share the house with my mother and father and my wife's sister and her kids, it is a _______ family

{=nuclear ~extended ~crowed ~single-parent}

My mother_______the responsibility for running the household

  {~holds =takes ~runs ~bears}

My husband and I both go out to work so we share the _______ 

  {~happiness =household chores ~responsibility ~employment}

Family is a base form which we can go in to the world with confidence

      {~part ~place ~position ~foundation}

Lee, who is Chinese, learns English as a _______ language.

      {~native =second ~foreign ~first}

This villa is the _______ of my parents

      {~belong =possession ~having ~wealth}

I really cannot accept your _______ demands.

      {~easy ~usual ~hard =unreasonable}

Don't share the matter with anyone else. Please keep it in _______ 

      {=private ~ possession ~property ~tongue}

Millions of people all over the world _______ English as their native language.

      {~have ~ talk =choose ~produce}

I have learned a lot about the value of labor from my _______  at home.

      {~pot plants =chores ~ energy ~ credit}

If you practice regularly, you can learn this language skill in a short _______ of time.

      {~activity ~arrangement ~period ~aspect}

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