1. Birds arent all the same. There are many different _____.

     A. categories            B. species                      C. animals                     D. plants

2. The rhinoceros will become ___ if people continue to hurt them.

     A. extinct                  B. instinct                      C. distinct                      D. extinction

3. Thousands of species of animals and plants are ____ and the number decreases each year.

     A. danger                  B. dangerous                 C. endanger                   D. endangered

4. If one species becomes extinct, the whole chain will be ___ seriously.

     A. disappeared         B. killed                        C. damaged                   D. threatened

5. We depend on species diversity to provide food, clean air and water.

     A. popularity            B. existence                   C. development             D. variety

6. More than a billion people all over the world are under the threat of desert____.

     A. increase               B. expansion                 C. extension D. development

7. Biologists have introduced a global list of endangered and vulnerable animal species.

     A. rare and specious B. small but invaluable C. weak and easily hurt D. strong and unusual

8. Government have passed laws to protect wildlife from commercial trade.

     A. enabled                B. enforced                    C. enacted                     D. ensured

9. The government is now trying to protect gorilla to ensure their ____.

     A. life                       B. existence                   C. survival                     D. growth

10. Everyone is worried about the ___ of the rainforests.

     A. destruction           B. protection                 C. species                      D. extinction

11. Without ___ all the resources necessary for life would be damaged, wasted or destroyed.

     A. conversation        B. biodiversity              C. extinction                 D. destruction

 12. Many people are interested in watching ___.

     A. wildlife                B. wilds                         C. wilderness                D. wildly

13. This species has nearly died out because its ___ is being destroyed.

     A. environment        B. habitat                       C. land                           D. forest

14. The primary causes of species extinction are habitat destruction, commercial ___ and pollution.

     A. exploit                 B. exploiting                  C. exploitation              D. exploitative

15. Toxic chemicals in the air and land have also driven many species to the ___ of extinction.

     A. border                  B. limit                          C. verge                         D. edge

16. It is ___ to cross the sea in a small boat.

     A. danger                  B. endanger                   C. dangerous                 D. endangered

17. Do you think plants and animals, however small or oversized, all contribute to the ____?

     A. conversation        B. extinction                 C. destruction                D. biodiversity

18. Many African and Asian nations have set aside land called ___ to protect the habitats of elephants and other wild animals.

     A. reserves               B. species                      C. wildlife                     D. forest

19. Over 120 ___ of birds have been recorded in this national park.

     A. species                 B. diversity                   C. animals                     D. individuals

20. The mountain gorilla is on the verge of ___.

     A. extinct                  B. extraction                 C. extinguish                 D. extinction

21. Reviewers often ___ books as “hard to put down” or “hard to pick up again”.

     A. describe               B. illustrate                   C. classify                     D. choose

22. Have you got any books on business methods or any similar ___?

     A. subject                 B. content                      C. author                       D. matter

23. How are the books in this library___?

     A. divided                 B. named                       C. gathered                    D. classified

24. Roberts new book will be ___ in August.

     A. typed                    B. published                  C. broadcast                  D. announced

25. Im reading a Stephen Kings novel. Its really exciting and I couldnt ___.

     A. get it off               B. put it down                C. take it on                   D. look it up

26. Children tend to read ___ books that tell stories through pictures.

     A. novel                    B. fiction                       C. science                      D. comic

27. What kind of readers would you ___ this book?

     A. advise                  B. introduce                  C. recommend               D. persuade

28. Watching videos is becoming a popular form of ___.

     A. entertain              B. entertainment           C. entertainer                D. entertaining

29. After talking to Mary for ten minutes, George paused, waiting for her to ___the information.

     A. taste                     B. chew                         C. swallow                    D. digest    

30. Mr. Johnson was so busy that he only had enough time to ___ the report before he attended the meeting.

     A. dip into                B. review                       C. go over                      D. pick up

31. The book ___ me of the days I was in the army.

     A. remembers           B. reminds                     C. recalls                       D. recollects

32. Most novels are divided into several___.

     A. chapters               B. units                          C. sections                     D. passages

33.  Cambridge University Press is the ___ of the book you are reading.

     A. author                  B. editor                        C. printer                       D. publisher

34. Ernest Hemingway is one of my ___ American writers.

     A. best                      B. favourite                   C. ideal                          D. most popular

35. Id like to ___ that book when youve read it.

     A. borrow                 B. hire                           C. lend                           D. loan

36. The plot of the novel was exciting, but I didnt find the ___ very interesting.

     A. characters            B. figures                      C. people                       D. persons

37. The dictionary is too expensive for me. I cant ___ it.

     A. spend                   B. cost                           C. afford                        D. pay

38. ___ books tell stories from the authors imagination.

     A. Fiction                 B. Picture                      C. Coloured                   D. Long

39. If you cant find what you are looking for in the book, use the ___.

     A. index                    B. list                             C. preface                      D. directory

40. Hes a ___ boy. He knows everything from books never gives any logical and practical solutions.

     A. bookworm           B. bookish                     C. bookbinder               D. book-keeper

41. Runners from eight different countries will be competing in the next ___.

     A. race                      B. place                         C. record                       D. course

42. It is common knowledge that sportmen ___ themselves in good form by regular swimming.

     A. put                        B. make                         C. take                           D. keep

43. Synchronized swimming is a sport in which groups of swimmers ___ in patterns in the water to music.

     A. go                         B. move                         C. dive                           D. jump

44. Wind – surfing is a common term for two similar ___ sports: sail-surfing and sail- boarding.

     A. water                    B. wind                          C. sail                            D. board

45. Volleyball, basketball, football are ___ games.

     A. team                     B. group                        C. crowd                        D. class

46. Rowing is the sport or activity of travelling in a boat by using ___.

     A. air tanks               B. sails                          C. boards                       D. oars

47. Unlike football, a water polo game is ___ into quarters.

     A. divided                 B. separated                  C. cut                             D. played

48. In 1918, Smith ___ the record for the worlds longest flight by flying 2,350 miles from Cairo to Calcutta.

     A. smashed               B. split                           C. cracked                     D. broke

49. One of the four period of time in which a game of American football is divided is known as a ___.

     A. part                      B. half                           C. quarter                      D. stage

50. The ___ is the official who controls the game in some sports.

     A. player                   B. captain                      C. referee                      D. defender

51. In water polo, holding balls with two hands and punching ball are ___.

     A. errors                   B. fouls                          C. faults                         D. mistakes

52. A kick taken as a penalty in the game of football is called a penalty kick or ___ kick.

     A. punishment          B. foul                           C. opposition                 D. spot

53. Any players who commit 5 personal fouls will be ___.

     A. rejected                B. ejected                      C. sacked                       D. dismissed

54. In water polo the ball can be ___ by passing with one hand.

     A. advanced              B. forwarded                 C. thrown                      D. kicked

55. No player except the ___ can hold the ball with two hands.

     A. goalie                   B. referee                      C. defensive player       D. striker

56. Katherine Curtis developed the ___ for the competition of synchronized swimming.

     A. regulations           B. formula                     C. laws                          D. principles

57. The whole audience objected to their foul play during the football match.

     A. clumsy                 B. dependent                 C. imperfect                  D. unfair

58. The match ended in a ___.

     A. foul                      B. tie                              C. range                         D. penalty

59. William won first ___ in the tennis competition.

     A. medal                   B. prize                          C. reward                       D. position

60. If you ___ the goalie, there are seven players in a team.

     A. gather                   B. conclude                   C. collect                       D. include


Exercise 5:

1. Johnny used to be one of the most _______ athletes in my country.

     A. succeed                B. success                      C. successful     D. successfully

2. The 22nd SEA Games consisted of athletes from eleven _____ countries.

     A. participate            B. participant                 C. participation     D. participating

3. _______, the athlete broke the world's record with two attempts.

     A. Surprise               B. Surprised                  C. Surprising    D. Surprisingly

4. On behalf of the referees and athletes, referee Hoang Quoc Vinh and shooter Nguyen Manh Tuong swore to an  oath of "_______, Honesty and Fair Play".

     A. Performance        B. Delegation                C. Participation             D. Solidarity

5. The ASEAN Para-Games are hosted by the same country where the SEA Games took place.

     A. organized             B. impressed                  C. participated               D. defended

6. The ASEAN Para-Games is a biannual multi-sport _______ held after every Southeast Asian Games for

     athletes with physical disabilities.                                                       

     A. games                  B. event                         C. work                          D. situation

7. In beach volleyball, Indonesia defeated Thailand in straight sets to take men's gold _______.

     A. present                 B. award                        C. medal                        D. reward

8. The 22nd SEA Games was the first time when Vietnam finished top of the medal _______.

     A. standings              B. events                        C. spirits                        D. programs

9. Viet Nam's successful hosting of the 22nd SEA Games is considered a/an _____ example for other countries to follow, particularly in honesty, consistence and organizing method.

     A. festival                 B. peaceful                    C. energetic D. outstanding

10. The number of Vietnamese sport officials and referees of international standard taking part in regional   tournaments has increased rapidly.

     A. hosting                 B. participating             C. achieving                     D. succeeding

11. At the 23rd SEA Games, Viet Nam proved its position in the region by ____ third behind the host - the  Philippines and second-ranked Thailand.

     A. finishing              B. playing                      C. preparing                  D. performing

12. In the 22nd SEA Games in 2003, the country _______ the competition with 340 medals, including 156 golds, 91 silvers and 93 bronzes.

     A. defended              B. cost                           C. topped                       D. ranked

13. To improve its athletes' _______, Viet Nam has regularly exchanged delegation of sport officials, coaches,  referees and athletes with other countries.

     A. team                     B. competitor                C. appearance                D. performance

14. _______ is the activity of doing special exercises regularly in order to make your muscles grow bigger.

     A. Wrestling             B. Bodybuilding            C. Weightlifting            D. Badminton

15. He is a great sports _______. He rarely misses any sport games although he was busy.

     A. enthusiast             B. player                        C. energy                       D. programmer

16. At the 23rd SEA Games, Viet Nam proved its position in the region by ____ third behind the host - the  Philippines and second-ranked Thailand.

     A. finishing              B. playing                      C. preparing                  D. performing

17. How many _______ took part in the 22nd SEA Games?

     A. compete               B. competitors               C. competition              D. competitor

18. The second part of the program in the 22nd SEA Games opening ceremony was named "_______ for Peace".

     A. Cooperate            B. Cooperation              C. Cooperative              D. Cooperatively

19. The _______ wanted to reduce the breadth of the games, with many events currently having small fields and weak competition.

     A. organize               B. organization              C. organizable               D. organizers

20. Before the 22nd SEA Games, Vietnam had made a good _______ in every aspect.

     A. prepare                 B. preparation                C. preparative                D. preparer

21. ASEAN press praised the great _______ of Vietnamese athletes at the 22nd SEA Games.

     A. sports                   B. sportsman                 C. sporting   D. sportsmanship

22. The success of the 22nd SEA Games had a great contribution of many _______ volunteers.

     A. support                 B. supporter                   C. supportive                 D. supportively

23. Since its rejoining in the Southeast Asian arena in 1989, Viet Nam's sports have made great _______,

      particularly in recent SEA Games.

     A. success                 B. invention                   C. host                           D. game

24. The athlete had tried his best to _______ his SEA Games title and records.

     A. carry                    B. perform                     C. defend                       D. support

25. Viet Nam is now willing to _______ part in the 24th SEA Games hosted by Thailand by the end of 2007 with a total of 958 athletes.

     A. play                      B. lose                           C. take                           D. enjoy

26. The International Committee Red Cross has about 12,000 staff members worldwide, about 800 of them working in its Geneva _______.

   A. factories               B. companies                 C. headquarters             D. buildings

27. The Red Cross on white background was the original protection ___declared at the 1864 Geneva Convention.

     A. poster                   B. billboard                   C. symbol                      D. signal

28. The Red Cross is an international organization that helps people who are suffering from the results of war,  diseases or _______.

     A. victims                 B. disasters                    C. opportunities             D. conditions

29. Be careful! The tree is going to fall.

     A. Look out              B. Look up                    C. Look on                    D. Look after

30. The organization was established in 1950 in the USA.

     A. come around        B. set up                        C. made out                   D. put on

31. The International Red Cross helps people in need without any discrimination based on _______, race, religion, class or political opinions.

     A. national                B. nationally                  C. nationality                 D. native

32. The International Committee of the Red Cross is a private ___institution founded in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland

       A. human                B. humanity                  C. humanization           D. humanitarian

33. In former days, after the battles soldiers on both sides died or were left wounded on the field without any  _______ attendance and basic care.                      

     A. medicine              B. medical                       C. medication              D. medically

34. The International Red Cross has about 97 million volunteers whose main _______ is to protect human life and health.                                                              

     A. mission                B. experience                C. organization              D. rule

35. The International Red Cross helps to ensure respect for the human being, and to prevent and relieve human ____.          A. protection                 B. enjoyment                 C. wealthy D. sufferings

36. An international medical conference initiated by Davison resulted in the birth of the League of Red Cross

       Societies in 1991.                                        

     A. started                  B. helped                       C. treated                       D. dedicated

37. In times of war, the Red Cross is dedicated to reducing the sufferings of wounded soldiers, civilians, and  prisoners of war.           

     A. mounted               B. excited                      C. devoted                     D. interested

38. _______ is a situation in which large numbers of people have little or no food, and many of them die.

     A. Disaster                B. Famine                      C. Poverty                     D. Flood.

39. Within their home country, National Red Cross and Red Crescent societies assume the duties and

       responsibilities of a national relief society. 

     A. take on                 B. get off                       C. go about                     D. put in

40. The bomb exploded in the garage; fortunately no one hurt.

     A. put on                   B. went off                    C. got out                       D. kept up

41. She sustained severe head _______ after being thrown from her horse.

     A. injure                   B. injured                      C. injuries                      D. injurious

42. According to World Bank figures, 41 per cent of Brazilians live in absolute _______.

     A. poor                     B. poorer                       C. poorly                       D. poverty

43. Up until the middle of the 19th century, there were no ____and well established army nursing systems for


     A. organize               B. organized                  C. organizational           D. organizers

44. The AIDS _______ continues to spread around the world. Up to 4,000 people are infected with the HIV virus every single day.                                          

     A. treatment              B. epidemic                   C. tsunami                     D. damage

45. During World War II, the Red Cross organized relief assistance for _______ and wounded soldiers and

       administered the exchange of messages regarding prisoners and missing persons.

     A. civilians               B. governments             C. authorities                 D. members

46. A _____is a very large wave, often caused by an earthquake that flows onto the land and destroys things.      A. famine                      B. catastrophe                C. tsunami D. flood

47. By the end of World War II, 179 _______ of the Red Cross had conducted 12,750 visits to POW (prisoner of war) camps in 41 countries.

     A. conferences          B. symbols                    C. missions                    D. delegates

48. We oppose this war, as we would do any other war which created an environmental catastrophe.

     A. pollution              B. disaster                      C. convention                D. epidemic

49. The first relief assistance mission organized by the League was an aid mission for the _______ of a famine and  subsequent typhus epidemic in Poland.

     A. leaders                 B. authorities                 C. victims                      D. organizers

50. The 1923 earthquake in Japan killed about 200,000 people and left countless wounded and homeless.

     A. poor                     B. imprisoned                C. suffered                     D. injured

51. In 2004 more than 40 national societies have worked with more than 22,000 _______ to bring relief to the

       countless victims of the earthquake.

     A. actions                 B. volunteers                 C. founders                    D. nations

52. How are you _______ on with your work? - It is OK.

     A. calling                  B. getting                       C. laying                        D. looking

53. All payments to the ICRC are _______ and are received as donations.

     A. volunteer              B. voluntary                  C. voluntarily                D. voluntariness

54. The Red Cross organizes and leads relief assistance missions after ______, such as natural disasters, man-

       made disasters, and epidemics.

     A. emergent              B. emergencies              C. emergently                D. emergence

55. One of the tasks of the Red Cross is also to support local _____ care projects.

     A. health                   B. healthy                      C. healthful                    D. healthily

56. The International Red Cross and Red Crescent _______ occurs once every four years.

     A. Globe                   B. Society                      C. Conference               D. Nations

57.The mission of the Red Cross is also to supervise the _______ of prisoners of war.

     A. education             B. encouragement         C. treatment                  D. runaway

58. The total number of national Red Cross societies from all over the world has mounted to 186.

     A. protected              B. devoted                     C. increased                   D. aimed

59. Henri Davison, president of the American Red Cross war Committee proposed forming a federation of these  National Societies.                                             

     A. took                      B. dedicated                  C. carried                       D. suggested

60. Fifty per cent of road accidents results in head injuries.

     A. examines              B. heals                          C. causes                       D. treats

61. Jean Henri Dunant was appalled by the almost complete lack of care for wounded soldiers.

     A. dedicated             B. shocked                     C. interested                  D. excited

62. The mission statement of the International Movement as formulated in the "Strategy 2010" document of the

       Federation is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity.

     A. weak and unprotected B. wealthy and famous                                C. poor and disabled                         D. deaf and mute

63. The authority _______ down that building to build a supermarket.

     A. knocked               B. came                         C. went                          D. fell

64. In some most Asian countries women are undervalued and they never have the same ___ as men.

     A. formality              B. basis                          C. limit                          D. status

65. What does "WWW" ________ for? Is it short for “world wide web?”

     A. sit                         B. stand                         C. lie                              D. point

66. Not all women can do two jobs well at the same time: rearing children and working at office.

     A. educating             B. taking care of            C. homemaking             D. giving a birth

67. There have been significant changes in women's lives since the women's liberation movement.

     A. controlled             B. economic                  C. important                  D. natural

68. Childbearing is the women's most wonderful role.

     A. Giving birth to a baby                                B. Having no child        C. Bring up a child                              D. Educating a child

69. Most people consider it women's ________ to take care of children and do housework.

     A. limit                     B. relationship               C. responsibility            D. respect

70. Mrs. Pike is a feminist, who ________ that women should be offered the same job opportunities as men.

     A. varies                   B. advocates                  C. leads                          D. votes

71. It is against the law to _______ on the basis of sex, age, marital status, or race.

     A. suit                       B. discriminate              C. believe                      D. gain

72. Women's status ______ in different countries and it depends on the cultural beliefs.

     A. varies                   B. employs                    C. fixes                          D. establishes

73. Women's contribution to our society has been ______ better these days.

     A. differently            B. naturally                    C. intellectually             D. significantly

74. Many of young people between the ages of 16 and 18 who are neither in education nor ________ are in danger of wasting their lives.

     A. power                   B. ability                        C. nature                        D. employment

75. ASEAN helps to ____ regional cooperation in Southeast Asia in the spirit of equality and partnership

     A. invest                   B. promote                    C. admit                         D. invest

76. Rice is the _______ exported product of Vietnam.

     A. main                     B. free                            C. average                     D. rural

77. Southeast Asia is a region of diverse cultures.

     A. same                    B. adopted                     C. various                      D. respected

78. ASEAN also works for the _______ of peace and stability in the region.

     A. promote               B. promotion                 C. promotional              D. promoter

79. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, commonly referred to as ASEAN, is a geo-political and _______organization.                          

     A. economy              B. economic                  C. economics                   D. economical

80. The motivations for the birth of ASEAN were the desire for a _______ environment.

     A. stable                   B. stability                     C. stably                        D. stabilize

81. ASEAN was founded on 8 August, 1967 with five ________: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.         

     A. members              B. competitors               C. leaders                      D. statesmen

82. ASEAN is an organization on the Southeast Asian region that aims to _______ economic growth, social

      progress, and cultural development.            

     A. account                B. include                      C. accelerate                  D. respect

83. The aims of the Association of Southeast Asia include the evolvement of economic growth, social progress, cultural development among its members, and the promotion of regional peace.

     A. goals                    B. organizations            C. missions                    D. plans

84. ASEAN has emphasized cooperation in the "three pillars" of security, socio cultural and economic _______ in the region.                

     A. organization         B. production                C. integration                D. establishment

85. The ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) is an agreement by the member nations of ASEAN concerning local manufacturing in all ASEAN countries.

     A. progressing          B. producing                  C. combining                 D. aiming

86. ASEAN has planned equitable economic development and reduced poverty and ___disparities in year 2020.                               

     A. socio-politic          B. socio-cultural          C. socio-linguistic         D. socio-economic

87. ASEAN's aims include the acceleration of economic growth, _______ progress, cultural, development among its members, and the promotion of regional peace.

     A. society                 B. social                        C. socially                     D. socialize

88. A combined gross domestic _______ of the member countries of ASEAN has grown at an average rate of

 around 6% per year.

     A. produce                B. productivity              C. production                D. product

89. One of ASEAN's objectives is to help people think about peace and _______ and do something about it.       A. origin                        B. justice                       C. statistics      D. record

90. There are plenty of industrial _______ established in the area, which also makes the government worried about pollution.                        A. series                        B. goods     C. enterprises                     D. relationships

91. Free _____ area is a designated group of countries that have agreed to eliminate tariffs, quotas, and preferences on most goods among them.                                        

     A. trade                     B. cultural                      C. stable                        D. adopted

92. The ASEAN Investment Area aims to enhance the competitiveness of the region for attracting direct investment which flows into and within ASEAN.

     A. produce                B. combine                    C. found                        D. improve

93. ASEAN has ___a community of Southeast' Asian nations at peace with one another and at peace with the world.

     A. joined                   B. estimated                  C. established                D. solved

94. Throughout the 1970s, ASEAN embarked on a program of economic _______.

     A. cooperate             B. cooperation               C. cooperative               D. cooperatively

95. 2007 was the 40th anniversary of the _______ of ASEAN.

     A. found                   B. founder                     C. foundation                D. founding

96. Vietnam asked for _______ to ASEAN in 1995.

     A. admit                    B. admission                  C. admissive                  D. admissible

97. ASEAN economic cooperation _______ many areas, such as agriculture, industry, services, transportations, and tourism.                                                     

     A. creates                  B. contains                    C. consists                     D. covers

98. ASEAN bodies in addressing global and regional concerns such as food security, _______ and disaster


     A. realization            B. energy                       C. plan                           D. diversity

99. The 8th ASEAN Science and Technology Week is now being ____ in Manila from 1 to 11 July 2008.

     A. held                      B. joined                        C. related                       D. combined

100. The ASEAN Science and Technology Week aims to promote science and technology _____in the region.       A. tourism                     B. solution                     C. forestry D. development


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