UNIT 1: HOME LIFE (Cuộc sống gia đình)


            TIẾNG ANH                                      ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA             TIẾNG VIỆT 

1.      Night shift: …                         ________________                ………………            Ca đêm__

2.      Work as a …:                          ________________                ………………            Làm nghề gì __

3.      Join hands: …                         Work together                         ………………            Chung tay ___

4.      (be) willing to + V1:               ________________                ………………            Sằn sàng làm gì__           

5.       Household chores: …            housework  ...                         ………………            Công việc nhà __

6.      Rush to: …                              go quickly …                          slowly  ……                nhanh chân___

7.      Give me a hand: …                 help, assistant                         ………………            Giúp đỡ ___

8.      Come up: …                           happen ….                              ………………            xảy ra ___

9.      Mischievous: …                      playing tricks  …                    ………………            Tinh nghịch____

10.  A close -knit: …                     a close realtionship                  ………………            Gắn kết ___

11.  Take the responsibility for      ________________                ………………            Chịu trách nhiệm __

12.  Under pressure:                       ________________                ………………            Chịu áp lực …

13.  Take out = remove                  delete …                                  ………………            vứt bỏ _____

14.  Supportive of:                                     ________________                ………………            Ủng hộ ___

15.  Confident in                            share with …                           ………………            Chia sẻ, tin vào ___

16.  Make a decision                      ________________                ………………            Quyết định __

17.  Frankly: …                              ________________                ………………            Thắng thắn ___

18.  Suitable for: …                       ________________                ………………            phù hợp với ___

19.  Attemp to: …                          try to …                                   ………………            nỗ lực làm gì ___

20.  (be) crowded with                  ________________                ………………            Đông đúc ___

21.  Attain: =                                 Reach___________               ………………            Chạm tới __

22.  Rational =                              Reasonable______                 ………………            Hợp lý, có lý __

23.  Culture =                               Civilization_______               ………………            Nền văn minh

24.  Sufficient=                             Enough__________               ………………            Đủ __

25.  Look after                               ________________                ………………            Chăm sóc ___

26.  Obedient (a) ≠                         ________________                disobedient                 Vâng lời # _____

27.  Important: …                          Significant                               ………………            Quan trọng # ______

28.  Secure: …                               Safe…                                     ………………            An toàn, bảo vệ ___ #


* Cách phát âm của –s / -es

- Có 3 cách phát âm –s hoặc –es tận cùng.

* đọc thành âm /s/ với những từ có âm cuối là / p, f, k, t, θ  /

* đọc thành âm /iz/ với những từ có âm cuối là / s, z, ∫, t∫, dƷ/

* đọc thành âm /z/ với những trường hợp còn lại

                - MAKE vs LET: make/let sb + V1

à Bị động là gì:

+ make: ____________________________________________

+ let: _______________________________________________


  1. My mother works _______a nurse in a big hospital. She examines the patients.

A. for                            B. as                                C. in                              D. at

  1. She had to work on _______last night, so she is very tired this morning.

A. the roof                     B. the table                      C. the bed                      D. night shift

  1. My father is very busy with his work at the office. He usually comes home very _______at night.

A. late                           B. early                            C. on time                    

D. past

  1. My mother _______very early in the morning to prepare our breakfast.

A. cries                          B. sleeps                          C. gets up                     D. stays up

  1. My mother is a _______woman. She does all the household chores to make us more comfortable.

A. caring                      B. careless                       C. harmful                     D. boring

  1. In my free-time, I often help mom with _______the house.

A. to clean                     B. clean                           C. cleaning                   D. cleans

  1. I take responsibility to _______my little brothers because they are sometimes very naughty.

A. look after                 B. get up                          C. sit down                    D. shut up

  1. My responsibility is to wash dishes and _______the garbage.

A. take off                     B. take out                      C. take care of               D. take over

  1. My brothers love joining my dad in _______things around the house at weekends.

A. mend                        B. mended                      C. to mend                    D. mending

  1. Whenever problems come up, we discuss frankly and find _______quickly.

A. solve                         B. solution                      C. solved                       D. to solve

  1. Mai is my closest friend. We are always willing to _______feelings to each other.

A. tear                           B. cut                              C. share                        D. shake

  1. My family is the base from which we can go into the world with _______.

A. confide                     B. confidence                 C. confident                  D. confiding

  1. I like doing _______such as cooking, washing and cleaning the house.

A. house-keeper            B. white house                C. lord of house        D. household chores

  1. My father is a _______He often does researches with animals and plants.

A. botanist                    B. biologist                     C. chemist                     D. mathematician

  1. In my family, both my parents _______to give us a nice house and a happy home.

A. join hands               B. get out                        C. shake hands              D. clutch hands

  1. My brothers are often very _______to what I say. They are really lovable.

A. obey                         B. obedience                   C. obedient                   D. obstacle

  1. Unlike most men, my uncle likes _______very much. I like his eel soup very much.

A. having a shower       B. drinking beer              C. playing cards            D. cooking

  1. My responsibility is to _______my little brothers.

A. take care of             B. join hands                   C. take over                   D. work together

  1. Although my father is very busy, he tries _______much time taking care of his children.

A. to spend                   B. spending                     C. to get up                   D. getting up

  1. My father is very helpful. He is always _______give a hand with cleaning the house.

A. will to                       B. will                             C. willing                      D. willing to

21.  She got up late and rushed to the bus stop.

                                    A. came into                           B. went leisurely                     C. went quickly                                     D. dropped by

  1. Billy, come and give me a hand with cooking.

                                    A. help                                   B. prepared                             C. be busy        D. attempt

  1. Whenever problems come up, we discuss them frankly and find solutions quickly.

                                    A. happen                              B. encounter                           C. arrive           D. clean



UNIT 2: CULTURAL DIVERSITY(Sự khác biệt về văn hóa)

TIẾNG ANH                               ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA            TIẾNG VIỆT   

1.      Diversity: …                             Variety            ….                               Rarely                          Phong phú  # …

2.      Approval: …                            Agree with…                          Disapproval____         Chấp thuận # …

3.      Mary to: … (mariage)               Get married ___                      Divorce ___                Kế hôn # ___

4.      Precede: …                               ________________                ………………            Xảy ra trước __

5.      Determine: …                           Find out …                              ………………            Xác định …

6.      Non-verbal: Gồm những từ nào: _Body languages, gestures, shake hand, nod________

7.      Verbal:      Gồm những từ nào: Spoken ___________

8.      Situation: …                             instance                                   ………………            tình huống, …

9.      Physical attractiveness:            ________________                ………………            Cuốn hình hình thể

10.  Attract Someone’s attention:  Thu hút sự chú ý của ai

11.  Rude: …                                   impolite                                   polite                           thô lỗ # ….

12.  Oblige to: …..(obligation)  =a duty to do something:  ………………            Bắt buộc làm gì

13.  A slight nod:                             ________________                ………………            Cái gật đầu

14.  Independent Of:                       ________________                ………………            Độc lập về …

15.  Dependent On: …                    ________________                ………………            Phụ thuộc vào …

16.  Sacrifice: …                             ________________                ………………            Hy sinh ____

17.  Concentrate on: …                   Pay attention to                       ………………            Chú ý vào ___

18.  Assistant:                                  help_____                               ………………            giúp đỡ -____

19.  Conical = shaped like a cone   : _______________________________________________________

20.  Appropriate:                             ________________                ………………            thích hợp ….

21.  Under the weather: =                Sick____________                 Heathy ……….           Bị bệnh ,…

22.  Tentatively        =                      hesitantly _______                  intentionally……        Do dự ____

23.  On the other hand: mặt khác thì …                 

24.  fall in love with s.o                   ________________                ………………            phải lòng ai ___


1. Cách phát âm –ed:

- Có 3 cách phát âm –ed tận cùng.

* đọc thành âm /id/ với những từ có âm cuối là / t, d /

* đọc thành âm /t/ với những từ có âm cuối là /c, x, sh, k, p, s, ch,f, th /

* đọc thành âm /d/ với những trường hợp còn lại

*  Đổi thì quá khứ đơn sang hiện tại hoàn thành

1. S + last + V quá khứ đơn + thời gian + ago.

à S + V hiện tại hoàn thành (phủ định) + for + thời gian

à It’s + thời gian + since + S + last + V quá khứ đơn.

à The last time + S + V quá khứ đơn + was + thời gian + ago.

2. This is the first time + S + HTHT khẳng định

 à S + HTHT never + before

3. S + began / started + V-ing + ----

    à S + have / has + V3/-ed + for / since ---




1.   Thanks to his parents’ _________, he tried his best to win a place at a university.

     A. approve                   B. approval                      C. disagreement            D. rejection

2.   People from different cultures have _________ ideas about love and marriage.

     A. different                  B. the same                      C. unique                       D. solid

3.   Americans believe in _________ marriage whereas the Asians have to suffer _________ one.

     A. the Chinese / Italian                                                                              B. Roman / the Great Wall

     C. romantic / contractual                                                                           D. contractual / romantic

4.   By nature, boys and girls _________ to each other.

     A. have attracted         B. attracted                     C. attract                       D. are attracted

5.   Once, an Asian couple’s marriage _________ by the parents of the bride and the groom.

     A. was arranged           B. is arranged                  C. appeared                   D. were appeared

6.   People from different cultures have different_________ of love and _________.

     A. ideas / marry            B. thoughts / marriage     C. speech / divorce       D. story / wedding

7.   Few Asians agree that wives and husbands should share all_________.

     A. quarrels                    B. thought                       C. thoughts                   D. arguments

8.   A survey was conducted to determine students’ _________ toward their purposes of studying.

     A. counterparts            B. appearances                C. marriages                  D. attitudes

9.   A large amount of Indian men agree that it’s unwise_________ in their wives.

     A. to confide                B. to interest                    C. confiding                  D. interesting

10.     Many Indian students agree that a woman has to _________ more in a marriage than a man.

     A. suicide                     B. sacrifice                      C. die                            D. be dead

11.     The American wife trusts her husband to do the right things because he _________ her.

     A. dislikes                    B. detests                        C. loves                         D. hates

12.     Many Americans pay much attention to physical _________ when choosing a wife or a husband.

     A. attraction                 B. spirits                          C. interests                    D. attractiveness

13.     Romeo and Juliet decided to _________ although their parents had hated each other.

     A. fall into the river      B. fall in love                  C. climbed up the tree   D. take a bath

14.                                                                         _________, a husband should share certain thoughts to his wife only.

     A. In my opinion          B. To all people              C. My hobbies               D. Agreement

15.     In America, it is _________ to ask questions about age, marriage and income.

     A. polite                       B. impolite                      C. enthusiastic               D. excited

16.     In Vietnam, _________ that all old-aged parents live in nursing home.

     A. it’s true                    B. it’s untrue                   C. that’s right                D. it’s quite exactly

17.     Christmas and New Year holidays are the _________ occasions to most Americans.

     A. sadder                     B. unhappy                      C. more importance      D. most important

18.     In Vietnam, two or more _________ may live in a home.

     A. generations              B. generous                     C. generation                 D. generators

19.     In _________, a man and a woman may hold hands and kiss each other in the public.

     A. Vietnam                  B. Cambodia                   C. China                        D. America

20.     In Vietnam, the bride and the groom often wear _________costumes on their wedding day.

     A. traditional                B. plastic                         C. paper-                       D. leaf-

21.     In a contractual marriage, love is supposed to _________ marriage.

     A. precede                    B. hate                             C. follow                       D. fore-see

22.     Someone says that a happy _________ should be based on love.

     A. marriage                  B. merry                          C. marry                        D. marital

23.     Mỵ Châu and Trọng Thủy _________ in love with each other after they got married.

     A. fall                           B. fell                              C. climbed                     D. flew

24.     I haven’t seen such a_________ scene on any other films at all. I like it very much.

     A. imitate                     B. rat                               C. fake                           D. romantic

25.     That actress is really _________. Everybody likes all films with her acting contributions.

     A. bad                          B. ugly                            C. shameless                  D. attractive

26.     That couple decided _________ after their three-year living in a happy marriage. Everything ended.

     A. to get married          B. going out together      C. to divorce                 D. having a child

27.     Someone believes that happiness is based on _________, love, good health and people’s approvals.

     A. money                     B. sadness                       C. sorrow                      D. death

28.     Loving his country, he was willing to_________ his blood and fate. Fortunately, he is still alive.

     A. live                          B. hide                            C. sacrifice                    D. die

29.     That child is too rude. His _________ is very bad when talking to his parents and teachers.

     A. request                     B. obedience                   C. good temper             D. attitude

30.     They agree that it is unwise to confide _________ their wives.

     A. at                             B. in                                C. for                             D. with



UNIT 3: WAYS OF SOCIALISING( Cách hòa nhập xã hội)

TIẾNG ANH                                   ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA            TIẾNG VIỆT        

1.      Pay attention to: …                       concentrate on_____               ………………            chú ý vào ….

2.      Social – society – socialize           ________________                ………………            xã hội #____

3.      Communicative: …                      ________________                ………………            tính giáo tiếp____

4.      Object to: …                                 Disapproval______                 ………………            Phản đối ….

5.      Decent: …                         ________________                ………………            Hợp với ….

6.      Potential: …                                  ________________                ………………            Tiềm năng ___

7.      Indication: …                                ________________                ………………            Sự biểu lộ ___

8.      Approach: =                                  come near________                ………………            tới gần …

9.      Point at: …                                    ________________                ………………            Chỉ vào

10.  Relatively: =                                 Comparatively___                   ………………            tương đối_____

11.  Procedure: =                                  method _________                 ………………            Biện pháp …

12.  Fell asleep: =                                ________________                ………………            buồn ngũ ___

13.  Swiftly: =                          go quickly________               ………………            nhanh ____

14.  Common: =                                   popular_____                          ………………            chung, phổ biến __

15.  Turn up: =                                     arrive   _______                      disappear……             Xuất hiện #__

16.  Informal: …                                  ________________                ………………            Nghi thức________

17.  Prominent: =                                 Significant ______                  ………………            nổi bật_____

18.  Amused: =                        ________________                saddened……             Thích thú #  _____

19.  Enormous: =                                 ________________                small………                _To lớn #____

20.  The plane/flight wen t off ________________                ………………            cất cánh___

21.  The alarm went off                       ________________                ………………            đổ chuông_____

22.  Peasant: =                          farmer  _____                          ………………            _Nông dân_____

23.  Discourtesy: …                 politeness________                rude     ………            lịch sự______

24.  Startling: =                                    Surprising________                ………………            Ngạc nhiên______

25.  - catch one’s eyes: attract someone’s attention:__________________________________________

*** NOTES:

* Trọng âm của những từ có hai âm tiết:

- Trọng âm chỉ được đặt trên từ gốc. Phần được thêm vào (tiếp đầu ngữ hay tiếp vĩ ngữ) không được tính là vần/âm tiết.

1. Danh từ và tính từ:

- Trọng âm được đặt ở vần đầu

Ex: ‘table, ‘happy, ‘lucky, ‘weather……

- Một số danh từ có trọng âm ở từ gốc

Ex: de’sign, be’lief, ac’cept, de’mand………..

- Danh từ tận cùng –OO hay –OON: trọng âm đặt trên vần này

Ex: after’noon, bam’boo, bal’loon……..

2. Động từ:

- động từ tận cùng bằng –OW, -EN, -Y, -EL, -LE, -ISH: trọng âm ở vần thứ nhất

Ex: ‘follow, ‘finish, ‘carry, ‘suffer, ‘harden, ‘answer………

- động từ tận cùng bằng –ATE: trọng âm đặt ở vần hai



1.      There are many ways _________ someone’s attention.

      A. to attract                B. to sell                          C. to lend                      D. to buy

2.      We can use _________ and _________ forms of communication to attract one’s attention.

      A. silence / noise        B. verbal / non-verbal     C. verb / adverb            D. gentle / impolite

3.      Probably the most common ways of attracting someone’s attention is by _________.

      A. dancing                  B. singing                        C. yelling                       D. waving

4.      We might raise our hand and wave to our friend as a _________ that we see her or him.

      A. signature                B. sign                             C. signal                        D. sigh

5.      When you see your brother _________ the plane, you may _________ to call his name.

      A. look at / throw a stone to him                        B. pass by / whistle and clap your hands

      C. get off / claps your hands                              D. get off / jump up and down

6.      There are some social _________ where smaller, non-verbal signals are more appropriate.

      A. situations               B. signatures                   C. attractions                 D. documents

7.      When you approve someone’s opinion, you can stare at him or her and _________ slightly.

      A. kneel                      B. nod                             C. shake you head         D. sigh

8.      In a restaurant, we can raise our hand to show the waiter that we need his _________.

      A. fame                       B. sponsor                       C. assistance                 D. donation

9.      You shouldn’t _________ or clap your hands to get the person’s attention in a restaurant.

      A. whistle                   B. smile                           C. nod slightly               D. keep silent

10.  Whistling and _________ in a restaurant is considered to be impolite and even rude.

      A. talking                    B. clapping hands           C. smiling                      D. sighing

11.  You shouldn’t _________ the person or thing you want your friend to look at.

      A. take notice of         B. mention to                  C. look at                      D. point at

12.  In most situations, pointing at someone is usually considered to be_________.

      A. polite                      B. impolite                      C. gentle                        D. dish

13.  Your opinion is reasonable, so it is _________.

      A. acceptable              B. suffered                      C. denied                      D. refused

14.  In some special social situations, pointing at someone is completely_________.

      A. lovely                     B. acceptable                   C. gentle                        D. formal

15.   _________, a teacher may point to student so as to get his or her attention.

      A. Forgive                  B. Forever                       C. For instance              D. For the sack of

16.  In some social situations, _________ is allowed to friends.

      A. fighting seriously   B. rudeness                     C. accurate                    D. informality

17.  To attract the waiter’s attention, wait until you _________ and raise you hand slightly.

      A. catch his eye                                                  B. can attract him

      C. pay attention to him                                                                             D. take advantage of him

18.  Raising hand and waving are of the _________ form of communication.

      A. uncountable           B. countable                    C. non-verbal                D. verbal

19.  Mary looks very attractive in her _________ clothes.

      A. terrible                   B. old fashioned              C. fashionable               D. out-dated

20.  Politeness is very necessary in a common social _________.

      A. community             B. communication           C. compassionate          D. competition

21.  Phil: You really have a beautiful dress, Maggie!

Maggie: Thanks Phil. That’s a nice _________.

      A. complexion            B. comfortable                C. compliment              D. completion

22.  Peter: Your hairstyle is really _________, Mary!

Mary: I’m glad you like it, Peter. Thanks so much.

      A. terrific                    B. terrible                        C. horrified                   D. terrorist

23.  Your dress is really beautiful, Cindy! You look very _________ in it.

      A. awesome                B. ugly                            C. naughty                    D. decent    

24.  Nam: You really have a beautiful hairstyle now, Hưng!

Hưng: _________! You’ve pushed me into the blush.

      A. It isn’t your work   B. You must be kidding C. Yes, of course           D. Nice to meet you




TIẾNG ANH                                   ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA            TIẾNG VIỆT        

1.      Consist of: …                          make up of_______                ………………            Bao gồm_____

2.      Public school = independent school = private school _Trương Dân lập____________

3.      State school: _Trường Công lập_______________

è The academic year in England is divided into 3 terms with 2 paralled school systems.

4.      Compulsory: = obligatory       ________________                Optional……              Bắt buộc # ___

5.      Academic year: =                    a school year_____                 ………………            Năm học______

6.      Divided into: =                        ________________                ………………            _Chia thành …__

7.      Term =                                    ________________                ………………            Học kỳ______

8.      Core subjects =                       ________________                ………………            Môn học chính #____

9.      At the end of  +  N # In the end = Finally: Cuối cùng_________________________________

10.  Take part in =                          Participate in __                      ………………            Tham gia vào_____

11.  Methodical =                           careful__________                 ………………            _thận trọng_____

12.  GCSE = General Cerfiticate of Secondary Education _Bằng THCS______

13.  GCE = General Cerfiticate of Education: Bằng THPT_____________________

14.  Curriculum Viate =                 Résume           ____                ………………            Sơ yếu lí lịch __

15.  Representative =                     typical__________                 ………………            Đại diện____

16.  A stage of =                            ________________                ………………            Một giai đoạn__

17.  Puntuality=                             Being on time____                  ………………            Đúng giờ_____

18.  Affluent=                                wealthy________                   Poor……                     Giàu có______

19.  Tolerate =                                put up with_______                Unselfishness..            khoan dung # …

20.  Support =                                help_______                           ………………            Hỗ trợ____

21.  General education                   ________________                ………………            GD phổ thông___

22.  Lower secondary school         ________________                ………………            Trừơng THCS____

23.  Higher secondary school         ________________                ………………            Trường THPT

24.  Kindergarten                           ________________                ………………            Mầm non___

25.  Keep pace with:                      ________________                ………………            Phù hợp với_____

26.  Lose touch with = lose contact with – Mất liên lạc với

27.  Take an exam / the courses _Tham gia kỳ thi/ khóa học




- Những từ có hậu tố là: -ade, -ee, -ese, -ette, -ique, -eer, -ain thì trọng âm chính rơi vào ngay âm tiết đó

Ex: lemo’nade, ciga’rette, Vietna’mese, …

- Âm tiết liền trước các hậu tố -tion, thường nhận trọng âm. Ex:, trans’lation

- Từ tận cùng bằng –ate thường đặt ở âm thứ 3 tính từ cuối. Ex: ‘generate, cer’tificate, cong’ratulate



1.  In Vietnam, children from the age of six must go to school.

A. compulsory               B. optional                      C. choosing                   D. volunteered

2.  Schooling is _______ for all English children from the age of six to sixteen.

A. optional                    B. pioneer                        C. compulsory               D. plastically

3.  In England, an _______ year runs from September to July.

A. academy                   B. academic                    C. academically             D. academies

4.  A school year in England _______ into three terms.

A. is dividing                B. divides                        C. are divided               D. is divided

5.  A school year in Vietnam usually _______ in September and _______ in May.

A. begins / ends            B. starts / last                  C. ends / starts               D. departs / starts

6.  In England, each term _______ by a one-week break called half term.

A. divides                     B. educates                     C. puts into force          D. is separated

7.  An academic year in Vietnam _______ into two semesters.

A. struggles                   B. is divided                   C. tear away                  D. educates

8.  In a school year in Vietnam, there are two terms called the first term and the second term.

A. infants                      B. semester                      C. semesters                  D. system

9.  There are two _______ school systems in England; i. e. , state school system and public school ones.

A. parallel                      B. paragraph                    C. paradise                    D. pyramid

10.      State school system in England is _______ for all students and _______ by the state.

A. free / pays                 B. free / paid                   C. fee-paying / paid      D. fee-paid / pays

11.      School system in England is divided into two_______ consisting of the state and the public ones.

A. levels                        B. schools                        C. years                         D. categories

12.      The state school system in England has two _______ of education: primary education and secondary education.

A. levels                        B. subjects                       C. terms                         D. semesters

13.      The National _______ is set by the Government and must be followed by in all state schools.

A. Stadium                    B. Curriculum                 C. Gallery                     D. Circus

14.      In English schools, English, Math and Science are_______ subjects.

A. more                         B. store                            C. score                         D. core

15.      Core subjects in Vietnamese schools_______ of Math, Literature and English.

A. makes for                 B. makes of                     C. are made up              D. will make by

16.      Core subjects are _______ in national exams at certain stages of the school education system.

A. paid for                     B. compulsory                 C. score                         D. core

17.      When do children in Vietnam go to _______? – They begin to go to school at the age of six.

A. High School             B. Nursery                       C. Secondary School     D. Primary School

18.      How long does the _______ in Vietnam last? – Five years.

A. Primary Education   B. Pre-school           C. Secondary Education   D. Higher Education

19.      How long does the _______ in England last? – Five years.

A. Primary Education   B. Pre-school         C. Secondary Education     D. Higher Education

20.      In England, school fee in state schools is _______.

A. on sale                      B. free-paying                 C. well-paid                  D. for rent

21.      In Vietnam, a stage of study for children aged from 11 to 17 is called_______.

A. Primary Education   B. Pre-school         C. Secondary Education     D. Higher Education

22.      My nephew is four years old, he may enter a _______ in Vietnam.

A. High School             B. Kindergarten              C. Secondary School     D. Primary School

23.      In England, schooling is compulsory for all children from the age of 5 to 16.

A. put into blush           B. put on clothes             C. put into force            D. taken off

24.      In Vietnam, schooling is _______ for all children from the age of three to five.

A. optional                    B. obliged                       C. compulsory               D. compulsive

25.      Schooling for Vietnamese children from the age of six to fourteen is _______.

A. optional                    B. odd                             C. compulsory               D. nursery

26.      How long does the whole Secondary Education in Vietnam last? – _______ years.

A. Four                          B. Seven                         C. Three                        D. Five

27.      In Vietnam, _______ lasts five years from grade one to grade five.

A. Senior High School  B. Secondary Education   C. Pre-school       D. Primary Education

28.      In Vietnam, children may have _______ whether to continue studying or not.

A. thirst                         B. obligations                  C. choices                     D. compulsions

29.      Many high school students in Vietnam have to work very hard to _______ at a university.

A. win a place               B. get a cold                    C. lose touch with         D. keep pace with

30.      Nowadays, Vietnamese students have to study more _______ than those of twenty years ago to keep pace with the developments of modern society.

A. substitute                  B. subjects                      C. subways                    D. subjunctives

31.      The _______ year in Vietnam runs from September to June and is divided into 2 terms

A. academically            B. academical                 C. academic                  D. academicals

32.      Children at the age of 11 start moving to _______ school.

A. kindergarten             B. primary school           C. lower secondary      D. upper secondary

33.      Children receive its early ____ at home so parents should buy some _______ magazines to put them in the bookcase.

A. educational / educate.                                                                            B. educational /education.

C. education / educational.                                   D. education / educated.

34.      Schools in which all students can attend without paying tuition _______ are public schools.

A. fees                           B. charge                         C. payment                    D. bill

35.      In Vietnam a school year lasts for nine months and is divided _______ 2 terms.      

A. into                           B. to                                C. from                          D. on

36.      _______ the end of the school year, students take an exam in each subject.

A. On                            B. To                               C. In                              D. At

37.      Students usually _______ their GCSE at the age of sixteen.

A. pass                          B. make                           C. take                          D. follow

38.      School boards are usually made _______ of people who live in the area, often parents of children in the school.

A. up                             B. of                                C. into                           D. over

39.      Tommy left high school _______ the age _______ seventeen.

A. at / of                       B. in / for                         C. on / with                   D. of / in

40.      The academic year in Vietnam is over _______ the end _______ May.

A. from / in                   B. for / on                        C. on / in                       D. at / of

41.      The telephone _______ by Alexander Graham Bell.

A. is invented                B. is inventing                 C. invented                    D. was invented

42.      The school library is open _______ all of the students and the teaching staff of the school.

A. for                             B. over                            C. to                              D. among

43.      Fee-paying schools are often called "independent schools", "private schools" or “_______ schools"

A. college                      B. primary                       C. secondary                 D. public

44.      In the UK, _______ schools refer to government-funded schools which provide education free of charge to pupils.

A. state                          B. secondary                   C. independent              D. primary

45.      Mathematics, a required subject in all schools, is _______ into many branches.

A. grouped                    B. prepared                     C. divided                     D. added

46.      Education has been developed in _______ with modern industry and the mass media.

A. compulsory              B. parallel                       C. selected                     D. following

47.      School uniform is compulsory in most of Vietnamese schools.

A. depended                 B. required                      C. divided                     D. paid

48.      In England schooling is compulsory _______ all children from the age of 5 to 16.

A. with                          B. for                               C. to                              D. over



UNIT 5: HIGHER EDUCATION (giáo dục đại học)

TIẾNG ANH                             ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA            TIẾNG VIỆT  

1.      Apply for a job: …                 ________________                ………………            Xin việc, ứng tuyển__

2.      A good impression:                 ________________                ………………            Có ấn tượng tốt____

3.      Fill in                                      ________________                ………………            Điền vào______

4.      Daunt = disappoint                 ________________                ………………            Thất vọng_____

5.      Scare = frighten                      ________________                ………………            Sợ hãi_____

6.      Mate = friend – Người bạn …

7.      Letter of introduction = letter of recommendation: Thư giới thiệu

8.      Get on well with sb = have a good relationship: _Có mối quan hệ tốt với ai

9.      Cerfiticate Card : CMND                   School report: Học bạ

10.  Birth cerfiticate: Giấy KS

11.  By and large = in generally – (idiom) – nhìn chung

12.  Occupied =                              Busy________                        Free……                     Bận rộn ____

13.  Contaminated =                      Polluted_____                         ………………            Ô nhiễm_____

14.  Resulted in:                             Caused____                            ………………            Gây ra___

15.  Campus : Khuân viên

16.  Gradutaed from: _Tốt nghiệp từ …


- (be) busy + V-ing: bận rộn (việc gì)                  Ex: He is busy washing his car.

- seem + to-inf : hình như, có vẻ như                   Ex: It seems to be a good job.


- Âm tiết liền trước các hậu tố -ical, -ual, -ian, -ical, -ity, -graphy, -ics, -logy thường nhận trọng âm

Ex: eco’nomic, uni’versity, poli’tician, soci’ology, mathe’matics

- Trọng âm đặt ở âm thứ 2 trước các hậu tố -ize, -ary

Ex: ‘modernize, ‘dictionary, i’maginary


6. What is minimum entrance _________for this course?



A. condition

B. requirement

C. certificate

D. ability

7. The writer could not be at the ceremony, and his wife accepted the prize on his_________.


A. absence

B. remembrance

C. behalf

D. reminder

8. When the post finally fell _________. They offered it to Brian.



A. vacant

B. vacantly

C. vacancy

D. vacancies

9. Is English a compulsory subject or a(n) _________one at high school here?



A. obligatory

B. mandatory

C. obliging

D. optional

10. If you understand a matter thoroughly, that means you understand it_________.


A. hardly

B. hard

C. completely

D. scarcely

11. Had you told me that this was going to happen, I _________it.



A. would never have believed

B. don't believe



C. hadn't believed


D. can't believe


12. _________anyone call, would you please ask them to call back later?



A. If

B. Should

C. When

D. Unless

13. I wish I _________Bob the money; he spent it all gambling.



A. didn't lend

B. wouldn't lend

C. hadn't lent

D. weren't lending

14. The plane would have landed easily _________the thick fog. [but for: except for/without]


A. unless

B. but for

C. because of

D. due to

15. _________you known he was a liar, would you have agreed to support him?



A. If

B. Since

C. Had

D. Did

16. Without the traffic jam on the high way this morning, I _________late for the meeting.


A. would be

B. would have been

C. hadn't been

D. wouldn't have been

17. -"I have a headache." -" _________you take an aspirin?"



A. Why don't

B. Why should

C. What should

D. What must

18. Without _________it, he hindered us instead of _________us. [hinder: prevent]


A. realize - help

B. realizing - helping

C. to realize - to help

D. realizing - to help

19. Having read the passage three times, _________.




A. it was difficult for me to understand

B. I still couldn't understand its main idea


C. the main idea of it was not clear to me

D. it made me confused about its main idea

20. There was no one else at the post office. I_________in a queue.



A. didn't need to wait


B. mustn't wait



C. needn't have waited

D. needn't wait


21. If I _________my passport, I'll be in trouble.




A. lose

B. ’ll lose

C. lost

D. would lose

22. _________you pass the final examination, you'll be given a holiday in Dalat. [as soon as]


A. Once [when]

B. Since

C. Though

D. So

23. This shopping center gets_________crowded with shoppers at the weekend.



A. always more

B. more and more

C. from more to more

D. crowded and more

24. He would still be alive today if he_________that drug.



A. wouldn't take

B. didn't take

C. weren't taking

D. hadn't taken

25. -"Is your name Peter?" -"Yes, _________"







A. I am

B. it's me

C. I do

D. it is


26. He only read for short periods each day_________. [strain: injure or weaken]



A. in order not to strain his eyes

B. so as to make his eyes more tired


C. so that he wouldn't to strain his eyes

D. in order won't strain his eyes


27. She has been promoted three times_________she started working here.



A. when

B. for

C. as

D. since


28. The resort was full of people. I wish it _________less crowded.



A. was

B. were

C. would be

D. had been



29. Not only did he win the first prize, _________.

A.  and he was given a place at the university

B.  so he was given a place at the university

C.  but he was also given a place at the university

D.   for he was offered a holiday abroad

30. The questions on the test were too long and difficult. I found it_________to finish them on time.


A. possible  B. impossible   C. possibility    D. possibly

31. Most of the people_________to the wedding banquet arrived late.



A. invited     B. who inviting      C. whom were invited    D. invite

32. There was a _________table in the middle of the room.



A. Japanese round beautiful wooden


B. beautiful wooden round Japanese

C. beautiful wooden Japanese round


D. beautiful round Japanese wooden

33. Burning garbage pollutes the air with_________ordours. {ordour[C]: smell}


A. pleasant          B. unpleasant       C. pleasure    D. pleasing

34. It was very kind _________us to your party.




A. of you to invite                        B. of you invited           C. for you to invite      D. to you that invited

35. The old woman spent her _________life living with her only daughter.


A. entire


B. total



C. complete


D. quite

UNIT 6: FUTURE JOBS ( Nghề nghiệp tương lai)

TIẾNG ANH                             ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA            TIẾNG VIỆT  

1.      Jot down: …                          Note down_____                    ………………            ghi chép nhanh____

2.      Vacancy:                                 a job available______             ………………            Vị trí CV trống___

3.      Nervous:                                 ________________                ………………            lo lắng_____

4.      Resume:                                  Curriculum viate_____           ………………            SYLL____

5.      Under pressure: …                  ________________                ………………            _Chịu áp lực____

6.      Make an effort to do sth         ________________                ………………            Nỗ lực làm gì____

7.      Concentrate on =                     Pay attentiont to____              ………………            Chú ý vào __

8.      Candidate:                               Applicant__                            ………………            Ứng viên_____

9.      Keen-ness: =                           interest ______                        ………………            Đam mê______

10.  Stressful:                                 ________________                ………………            căng thẳng_____

11.  Causual =                                informal_________                 ………………            Trang nghiêm_____

12.  Sense of responsibility:  tinh thần trách nhiệm

13.  Relate to sth: _Liên quan đến …

14.  Punctual = ___on time_____

15.  Abundance = weathy = large quantity # small quantity – số lượng lớn # SL nhỏ___________

16.  Associated with                      connected with ____               separated from …       Kết hợp với #____

17.  Identical                                  similar  ________                    ………………            Giống với, đúng_____

18.  Cover up                                 hide__________                     reveal………               Che giấu# lộ ra______

19.  Find out           = determine     ________________                ………………            Xác định_______




1.It was just a friendly get-together. Everyone was wearing _______ clothes.

   No one needed to be well-dressed.

   A. formal                  B. casual                       C. unimportant              D. unfriendly

2._______ candidates are likely to succeed in job interviews.

   A. Nervous               B. Self-conscious          C. Self-doubt                D. Self-confident

3.In his latest speech, the Secretary General_______ the importance of wildlife conservation.

   A. stressed               B. excused                     C. extorted                    D. remained

4.Nobody seemed to be interested in the news. It was greeted with a lack of _______.

   A. enthusiastic          B. enthusiasm              C. enthusiastically         D. enthusiast

5.I don't like_______ jobs. In fact, I never want to work under high pressure.

   A. stress                    B. stressed                     C. stressing                   D. stressful

6.They have an apartment _______ the park.

   A. overlooking         B. that overlooking      C. overlooks                  D. overlooked

7."_______ having a swim in the river?" - "That's a good idea. "

   A. Why don't            B. How about               C. Why aren't                D. Shall we

8.There's nothing you can do _______ me change my mind.

        A. to make           B. make                         C. making                     D. makes

9.         "My uncle has been a writer for many years. " - "How many books _______ so far?"

        A. did he write     B. has he been writing C. had he written           D. was he writing

10.     Housework is _______ shared between them.

        A. equally            B. equal                         C. equality                     D. equalizing

11.     "Would you like a drink?" - "Oh, yes. _______ a Coke. Thank you. "

        A. I have              B. I'll have                    C. I'm having                D. I'm going to have

12.     Hard _______ he tried, the second runner could not catch up with the first one.

        A. as                     B. for                             C. so                              D. that

13.     The weather was very nice, so he found_______ a raincoat with him.

        A. it necessary to take                                B. it unnecessary taking

        C. unnecessary to take                               D. it unnecessary to take

14.     _______ these lessons carefully or you won't understand the information on the test.

        A. If you read       B. When you read         C. Unless you read        D. Read

15.     Joe, who is one of my elder sister's sons, is my favorite_______.

        A. nephew           B. niece                         C. grandson                   D. uncle

16.     Angela is not only a capable reporter_______ a promising writer.

        A. and                  B. or                              C. but also                    D. as well as

17.     Her husband is a writer and _______.

        A. so she is           B. neither is she            C. so is she                   D. she is neither

18.     I wish I _______ more time to study before last exam.

        A. could have       B. had                            C. had had                   D. have had

19.     He solemnly promised _______ in our business.

        A. not interfering B. to not interfere          C. wouldn't interfere     D. not to interfere

20.     If you put your money into that business, you risk _______ every penny.

        A. lose                  B. to lose                       C. losing                       D. lost

21.     Wendy got a part-time job _______ she would be able to pay for school expenses.

        A. unless              B. although                   C. so that                      D. but

22.     _______ did it take you to get used to wearing glasses?

        A. How long        B. How much                C. How far                    D. How often

23.     I’m so _______ that I cannot say anything, but keep silent.

        A. nerve               B. nervous                    C. nervously                  D. nervousness

24.     A letter of _______ is sometimes really necessary for you in a job interview.

        A. recommend     B. recommended           C. recommender           D. recommendation

25.     Her job was so _______ that she decided to quit it.

        A. interesting       B. satisfactory               C. stressful                   D. wonderful

26.     Some days of rest may help to _______ the pressure of work.

        A. reduce             B. lower                        C. chop                          D. crease

27.     Could you please tell me some information that _______ to the job?

        A. indicates          B. expresses                  C. interests                    D. relates

28.     Not all teenagers are well _______ for their future job when they are at high school.

        A. interested         B. satisfied                    C. concerned                 D. prepared

29.     Qualifications and _______ are two most important factors that help you get a good job.

        A. politeness        B. experience               C. attention                   D. impression

30.     Before the interview, you have to send a letter of _______ and your résumé to the company.

      A. application     B. reference                   C. curriculum vitae       D. photograph

31.  I have just been called _______ a job interview. I am so nervous.

      A. for                   B. in                              C. over                          D. with

32.  What do I have to bring _______ me to the interview ?.

      A. with                 B. upon                         C. in                              D. along

33.  Good preparations _______ your job interview is a must.

      A. with                 B. upon                         C. in                              D. for

34.  Many children are under such a high _______ of learning that they do not feel happy at school.

      A. recommendation                                   B. interview                  C. pressure     D. concentration

35.  Being well-dressed and punctual can help you create a good _______ on your interviewer.

      A. impression      B. pressure                    C. employment             D. effectiveness

36.  Many people will be out of _______ if the factory is closed.

      A. work               B. career                        C. profession                 D. job

37.  His dream of becoming _______ doctor became true after seven years of learning hard.

      A. a                      B. an                              C. the                             D. Ø

38.  Doctors have to assume _______ for human life.

      A. responsible      B. responsibly               C. responsibility          D. responses

39.  King Henry, _______ was Elizabeth I, led England into the Age of Empire.

      A. daughter          B. whom daughter        C. which daughter         D. whose daughter





UNIT 8: LIFE IN THE FUTURE (cuộc sống tương lai)

TIẾNG ANH                             ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA            TIẾNG VIỆT  

1.      Wipe out:                                remove________                    ………………            Xóa sạch____

2.      Corporations                           ________________                ………………            Liên đoàn____

3.      Progress =                               improvement _____                ………………            Sự cải tiến_____

4.      Pessimist: = expect bad things to happen: _Người bi quan_________________

5.      Optimist = expect good things to happen __Người lạc quan____________________

6.      Depression:     = little economic activities, without jobs – suy thoái kinh tế

7.      Inflation___Lạm phát_________

8.      Economic Renovation : ___Cải cách kinh tế____

9.      Burden:                                   Load____                                ………………            Gánh nặng

10.  Influence on:                           ________________                ………………            Có ảnh hưởng______

11.  Incredible = impossible to believe: ______Không thể tin được____________

12.  Productivity = Output: Sản phẩm

13.  Thanks to: Nhờ vào ___

14.  Terrorism: Chủ nghĩa khủng bố                                         - Terrorist: Kẻ khủng bố

15.  Chores:                                   ________________                ………………            _Việc vặt______

16.  Die of / from : Chết vì …                 

17.  Marry to: = Get married                 

18.  Famous for: Nổi tiếng vì      

19.  Labor- saving device: _____________________________

20.  On the contrary        

21.  True to sb = loyal to: = trung  thành

22.  warn sb about/ against : __________________

23.  _____________________________

24.  _____________________________

25.  _____________________________

26.  _____________________________

27.  _____________________________

28.  _____________________________


6. ''You must have had a very good time on holiday." "__________, it was a disaster. Everything went wrong."

    A. By tradition              B. In short                               C. On the condition               D. On the contrary

7. There are _______ways of spending your free time, so you can choose to do whatever you like.

    A. scanty                       B. various                               C. ridiculous                         D. variety

8. They are trying to persuade the rich to__________their money to the charities.

    A. provide                     B. invest                                  C. finance                              D. contribute

9. Local authorities have to learn to allocate resources__________.

    A. efficient                    B: efficiency                           C. inefficient                         D. efficiently

10. Thousands of factory workers are attending evening classes in an attempt to______themselves.

    A. better                       B. be better                              C. being better                      D. better than

11. He eats nothing __________hamburgers.

    A. but                           B. unless                                 C. despite                              D. apart

12. He worked hard __________a mechanic for ten years before being appointed manager.

    A. like                           B. alike                                    C. as                                      D. same as

13. This organization is quick                                           sending relief goods to the flooded areas.

    A. with                          B. at                                        C. for                                     D. about

14. When are you leaving__________Singapore? This week or next week?

    A. for                            B. in                                        C. to                                      D. at

15. He suddenly saw Cindy__________the room, so he pushed his way__________the crowd of people to get to her.

    A. across/through        B. over/through                       C. over / over                        D. through/ across

16. The doctor will not give the patient the test results__________tomorrow.

    A. until                         B. from                                    C. at                                       D. on

17. Can you help me, please? I can't see the difference__________these words.

    A. from                         B. in                                        C. between                           D. about

18. I don't understand this point. Could you please__________?

    A. explain to me it        B. explain me with it              C. explain it to me                D. explain it for me

19. That house reminds me __________the one where I used to live.

    A. of                              B. for                                       C. about                                 D. with

20. It was very kind__________you to lend me the money I needed.

    A. for                             B. of                                        C. to                                      D. with

21. The bus hit a truck coming __________the opposite direction

    A. in                              B. at                                         C. for                                     D. by

22. The company made very good profit in __________.

    A. the 1990                   B. 1990s                                  C. the 1990s                         D. 1990's

23. Alex failed his English exam, but his teacher is going to give him ________chance to .pass it.

    A. another                    B. the other                             C. the others                          D. other

24. Her eyes are different colors. One eye is gray, and    is green.

    A. another                     B. the other                            C. the others                          D. other

25. __________him the whole truth or he'll get angry with you.

    A. If you don't tell         B. Unless you tell                   C. Don't tell                         D. When you tell

26. This is the strangest case that the detective__________.

    A. has ever investigated                                              B. is ever investigating

    C. ever investigates                                                       D. has never investigated

27. To reduce air pollution, __________.

    A. all automobiles necessary to be banned from the city center

    B. banning all automobiles from the city center should be done

    C. it is necessary banning all automobiles from the city center

    D. the authorities should ban all automobiles from the city center

28. Fred refused to travel by air because he was afraid of __________.

    A. long                          B. lengths                                C. heights                             D. high

29. Don't worry! The plane __________at the airport right now.

    A. arrives                      B. arrived                                C. has arrived                        D. is arriving

30. __________about the good news, Sarah seemed to be indifferent.

    A. In spite of exciting   B. In addition to exciting

    C. In stead of being excited                                        D. Because of being excited

31. He __________for that company for five months when it went bankrupt.

    A. has been worked      B. has worked

    C. had been working D. was working

32. " __________does Joe like his new motorbike?" "He's crazy about it."

    A. How                         B. What                                   C. When                                D. Why

33. Some people think__________ to master a foreign language. However, it isn't.

    A. it’s easy                    B. easy                                    C. easily                                D. it is easily

34. When his parents died, they __________him a house in which he still lives.

    A. continued                 B. from earning                     C. inherited                           D. saved

35. Most people prefer spending money __________it.

    A. than earning             B. from earning                       C. to earn                              D. to earning



(các loài động thực vật có nguy cở tuyệt chủng)

TIẾNG ANH                             ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA            TIẾNG VIỆT  

1.      Become extinct:                     ________________                ………………            Bị tuyệt chủng______

2.      Endangered species:             ________________                ………………            Các loài bị đe doa__

3.      In danger of:                          ________________                ………………            Có nguy cơ______

4.      The globe = the world:  Toàn cầu

5.      Extinction = plants and animals stop existing – Sự tuyệt chủng ---

6.      Habitat = living / natural environment – Môi trường sống

7.      Biodiversity = Existence of plants and animals make a balace environment – Hệ sinh thái …

8.      Conservation = preventing something from lost, destroyed  - Sự bảo tồn

9.      On the verge of extinction=  Come near______                   ………………            Bên bờ tuyệt chủng__

10.  Desforestation = destroying  Tàn phá rừng

11.  Make an effort to save endangered species.  - -- Nỗ lực cứu những loài bị tuyệt chủng

12.  Result in =                               _Caused________                  ………………            Dẫn tới_______

13.  Survive  = continue to live: Tồn tại

14.  Derive from = Bắt nguồn từ

15.  Conserve =     bảo tổn            ________________                ………………            _____________

16.  a wide range of =  a large quantity:  Một số lượng lớn

17.  Vulnerable = weak and ___Dễ bị tốn thương_____

18.  Enacted = passed laws: ________Ban hành luật_______

19.  Contaiminated =                   Polluted_______                     ………………            Ô nhiểm______

20.  Toxic = poisionous: Chất độc

21.  Awareness of: Việc nhận thức về  ….

22.  Exploit – exploitation: Khai thác

23.  __________________________________

24.  __________________________________

25.  __________________________________

26.  __________________________________

27.  __________________________________

28.  __________________________________

29.  __________________________________



1. Many plants and endangered species are now endangering of _______.

   A. expression                 B. expulsion                            C. extinction                        D. extension

2. _______ is destroying larger areas of tropical rain forests.

   A. Disforestation           B. Deforestation                    C. Anti-forestation               D. forests

3. A lot of different conservation efforts have been made to________endangered species.

   A. save                           B. kills                                     C. make                                D. do

4. The raw sewage needs to be ________ treated.

   A. chemically                B. chemical                             C. chemist                            C. chemistry

5. There are more than 20 ________ working on the water treatment project.

   A. researches                  B. researcher                           C. researchers                     D. research

6. More and more people __________ of food poisoning nowadays.

   A. exits                           B. survive                                C. die                                   D. starve

7. The government _________ the flood victims with food, clothers and money.

   A. gave                           B. provided                            C. offered                            D. presented

8. Many people _________ that natural resources will never be used up.

   A. view                          B. consider                              C. believe                             D. regard

9. Conservation is the protection of the _________ environment.

   A. nature                        B. natural                               C. naturally                          D. naturalize

10. Many plants and endangered species are now endangering of _______.

   A. expression                 B. expulsion                            C. extinction                        D. extension

11. _______ is destroying larger areas of tropical rain forests.

   A. Disforestation           B. Deforestation                    C. Anti-forestation               D. forests

12. A lot of different conservation efforts have been made to________endangered species.

   A. save                           B. kills                                     C. make                                D. do

13. The raw sewage needs to be ________ treated.

   A. chemically                B. chemical                             C. chemist                            C. chemistry

14. There are more than 20 ________ working on the water treatment project.

   A. researches                  B. researcher                           C. researchers                     D. research

15. More and more people __________ of food poisoning nowadays.

   A. exits                           B. survive                                C. die                                   D. starve

16. The government _________ the flood victims with food, clothers and money.

   A. gave                           B. provided                            C. offered                            D. presented

17. Many people _________ that natural resources will never be used up.

   A. view                          B. consider                              C. believe                             D. regard

18. Conservation is the protection of the _________ environment.

   A. nature                        B. natural                               C. naturally                          D. naturalize

19. There are many ________ of pollution in our modern world

   A. resources                   B. sources                               C. foundations                     D. bases

20. You ________ ask a woman about her age. It’s not polite.

   A. must                          B. need                                    C. musn’t                            D. needn’t





TIẾNG ANH                 ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA            TIẾNG VIỆT 

1.      Taste: =          _______________: __________________________________________

2.      Chew =           _______________: __________________________________________

3.      Swallow = _______________: __________________________________________

4.      Comic = _________________________________

5.      Hard-to-put-down: ________________________

6.      Hard-to-pick-up-again = ___________________________

7.      Can’t put it down: ______________________________

8.      Romantic book: _____________________________

9.      Fiction book = Stories with imagination : _____________

** MODAL VERBS IN PASSIVE: Động từ khiếm khuyết bị động


0 .My roommate's handwriting was very bad, so he had me........ his paper for him last night.

  A. to type                       B. type                                    C. to have typed                   D. typed

1 The book is so interesting that I can't........

  A. put down it                B. put it down                       C. put down                          D. be put down

2. Books in the home are a wonderful....... of knowledge and pleasure.

  A. source                       B. resource                             C. list                                    D. sum

3. Reviewers describe books .......  "hard-to-put-down", or "hard-to-pick-up-again".

  A. as                               B. for                                      C. into                                   D. in

4. Books are still a cheap........ to get knowledge and entertainment.

  A. means                        B. way                                    C. method                             D. measure

5. Which subject is this book ________?

a. for                                  b. on                            c. of                             d. up

6. Francis Bacon lived ________ about the same time as Shakespeare.

a. at                                               b. for                           c. in                                         d. over

7. People enjoy a book ________ different ways.

a. on                                              b. with                                     c. upon                                    d. in

8. This book is not really ________. It is a waste of money buying it.

a. inform                           b. information             c. informative                d. informatively

9. Sometimes it is ________ to find suitable books for our children.

a. difficult                         b. difficulty                 c. difficultly                d. difficulties

10. A book may be evaluated by a reader or professional writer to create a book ________.

a. review                           b. reviewing                c. reviewer                  d. reviewed

15. My roommate's handwriting was very bad, so he had me........ his paper for him last night.

  A. to type                       B. type                                    C. to have typed                   D. typed

17. Would you be........to hold the door open?

  A. too kind                     B. as kind                                C. kind enough                     D. so kind

18. What do you mean, he's watching television?  He's........ to be washing the car.

  A. hoped                        B. expected                             C. supposed                          D. thought

19. Children are........in watching cartoon films.

  A. interested                   B. keen                                   C. fond                                 D. concerned

20. The ........thing about travelling by train rather than by car is that you can sleep or read during the journey.

  A. enjoyment                 B. enjoyed                              C. enjoying                           D. enjoyable

21. I wonder who drank all the milk yesterday. It........ have been Jane because she was out all day.

  A. must                          B. could                                  C. needn't                             D. can't

22. Books in the home are a wonderful....... of knowledge and pleasure.

  A. source                        B. resource                             C. list                                    D. sum

23. Reviewers describe books .......  "hard-to-put-down", or "hard-to-pick-up-again".

  A. as                               B. for                                      C. into                                   D. in

24. Books are still a cheap........ to get knowledge and entertainment.

  A. means                        B. way                                    C. method                             D. measure

25. A fine tomb,........, marks the grave of the poet Chaucer.

  A. which in the fifteenth century was erecting             B. erecting in the fifteenth century

  C. erected in the fifteenth century                                D. being erected in the fifteenth century




(Môn thể thao dưới nước)

1.      Opponent = A team try to defeat other – đối thủ

2.      Ejected = _A player is thrown out___Bị đuổi ra sân

3.      Foul = __a situation player against the rules______________

4.      Tie = ___two teams have same scores________________

5.      Penalize = ___Phạt đền______________

6.      Water sports = ______aquatic sport________________

7.      Interfer with: ____Can thiệp vào___________

8.      Goalie: = _____goal keeper____                    __________________

9.      Sprinted = _go quickly_____                          _______________________

10.  Defensive =                             ________________                ………………            ___Hậu vệ______

11.  Windsrufing =                         ________________                ………………            _lướt ván_____

12.  Five minor fouls will be ____Vi phạm 5 lối nhỏ sẽ bị ….

13.  The referee’s decision = ______Sự quyết định của trọng tài_____

14.  Commit = do sth wrong = _________________________

15.  Outstanding =       ________________                ………………            đáng chú ý _____


6. One of the four period of time in which a game of American football is divided is known as a        .

   A. part                            B. half                                     C. quarter                           D. stage

7. Suddenly, Julia jumped out of the car and sprinted for the front door.

   A. walked hurriedly       B. ran very fast                      C. move slightly                   D. ran slowly

8. The            is the official who controls the game in some sports.

   A. player                        B. captain                                C. referee                            D. defender

9. The whole audience objected to their foul play during the football match.

   A. clumsy                       B. dependent                          C. imperfect                         D. unfair

10. Those two teams played so well and the scores were tied at 1-1 at last.

   A. drew                         B. put                                      C. kept                                 D. equaled

11. A kick taken as a penalty in the game of football is called a penalty kick or           kick.

   A. punishment                B. foul                                     C. opposition                        D. spot

12. In water polo, a player is ejected after committing five personal fouls.

   A. punished                    B. criticized                             C. thrown out                     D. defeated

13. A          is a device that automatically controls something such as speed, temperature or pressure.

   A. mask                          B. regulator                            C. boat                                 D. fin

14. Rowing is the sport or activity of travelling in a boat by using            .

   A. air tanks                     B. sail                                      C. boards                              D. oars

15. Windsurfing or           is the sport of sailing on water standing on a windsurfer.

   A. boat-sailing                B. sail-boarding                       C. board-sailing                  D. wind-sailing

16. Their        play lost them the match against an amateur team.

   A. false                           B. foul                                     C. wrong                              D. mistaken

17. Don’t           in matters that do not concern you.

   A. interfere                   B. discuss                                C. question                           D. study

18. I don’t know why he isn’t here at the moment. He       stuck in the traffic jam.

   A. must get                    B. may be                                C. should be                         D. must have got

19. Never agree         something you know to be wrong.

   A. doing                         B. to do                                   C. you will do                      D. that will do

20. The place         good films is the Odeon Cinema.

   A. to see                         B. seeing                                 C. can see                             D. we see

21. It was my secretary          sent the document to Mr. Smith.

   A. that                            B. who                                    C. whom                              D. A &B

22. They spent a lot of money          their children with the best education.

   A. providing                  B. provided                             C. to provide                        D. on providing




TIẾNG ANH                 ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA            TIẾNG VIỆT 

1.      Take place:                ________________                ………………            Diễn ra____

2.      Sea Games = Southeast Asian Games: -_Thế vận hội châu á__________

3.      The Sea Games’ Spirit are: solidarity , co- operation for ____________ and ____________

4.      Host : Nước chủ nhà

5.      Composed of =           ________________                ………………            ____Bao gồm__

6.      Gain =                         ________________                ………………            ___Đạt được____

7.      Overwhelming = Great, powerful                               ………………            ___mạnh mẽ___

8.      Rival =                        opponent _____                      ………………            ___đối thủ___

9.      Energetic =                  ________________                ………………            ___nhiệt huyết__

10.  Take part in =              _participate in______             ………………            _tham gia vào___

11.  Participant                   ________________                ………………            __người tham gia__

12.  Bodybuilding =  make your muscles grow bigger – mÔn thể hình

13.  enthusiast /inj‘θju:æst/ (n)      - enthusiasm (n): ____sự nhiệt tình____

14.  Odd =                          Strangle_______                     ………………            __lạ____

15.  Rank:  ______xếp hạng, vị thứ_____

16.  Proposal =                   ________________                ………………            __sự đề xuất___

17.  Reliable =                    ________________                ………………            _đáng tin cậy_____

18.  Precisely =                  ___exactly______                   ………………            __chính xác____

19.  Countryman: đồng bào

20.  Make end meet = earn enough money to exist.____kiếm đủ sống____

21.  Tempting = attractive _____cuốn hút______

22.  Set up =                       ____established_____            ………………            __Được thành lập__




6. ________ is a person who is very interested in something and spends a lot of time doing it.

   A. Enthusiast                B. Economist                          C. Commentator                  D. Worker

7. Vietnam has a lot of ________ players who won many gold medals in The 22nd SEA Games.

   A. outstanding              B. outstretching                      C. outlying                           D. outgoing

8. The competitor ________the bar and won a gold medal.

   A. touched                     B. cleared                               C. threw                               D. kicked

9. ________ is held every two years.

   A. The South Eastern Asian Games                              B. The Southern East Asian Games.

   C. The Southeast Asian Games                                   D. The Southeast Asia Games

10. Spectators had great ________for the amazing results that Vietnam’s sports delegation gained.

   A. admire                       B. admirable                            C. admiration                     D. admiter

11. The results of ________ were satisfactory.

   A. competitions             B. competitor                          C. competitive                      D. compete.

12. Thailand ________ Vietnam just one goal in the final in The 22nd SEA Games.

   A. won                           B. beat                                    C. knocked                           D. scored

13. The Vietnamese were very satisfied with excellent performances of the young and  ________athletes.

   A. energetic                   B. energy                                 C. energetically                    D. energize

14. The score in the game or competition is shown on________.

   A. scoreboard               B. score draw                          C. score line                         D. scorecard

15. On behalf of the referees and athletes, they swore to an oath of “solidarity, ________        and Fair Play “.

   A. Honest                       B. Honesty                              C. Honestly                          D. Dishonest

16.  The number of Vietnamese sport officials and referees of international standard taking part in regional tournaments has increased rapidly.

a. hosting                           b. participating          c. achieving                             d. succeeding

17.  At the 23rd SEA Games, Viet Nam proved its position in the region by ____ third behind the host - the Philippines and second-ranked Thailand.

a. finishing                        b. playing                    c. preparing                             d. performing

18.  In the 22nd SEA Games in 2003, the country _______ the competition with 340 medals, including 156 golds, 91 silvers and 93 bronzes.

a. defended                       b. cost                          c. topped                                 d. ranked

19.  To improve its athletes' _______, Viet Nam has regularly exchanged delegation of sport officials, coaches, referees and athletes with other countries.

a. team                               b. competitor               c. appearance                          d. performance

20.  _______ is the activity of doing special exercises regularly in order to make your muscles grow bigger.

a. Wrestling                       b. Bodybuilding         c. Weightlifting                       d. Badminton

21.  He is a great sports _______. He rarely misses any sport games although he was busy.

a. enthusiast                      b. player                     c. energy                                 d. programmer

22.  The delegation to the SEA Games was composed _______ top competitors of the country.

a. on                                  b. of                             c. for                                        d. among





TIẾNG ANH                 ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA            TIẾNG VIỆT 

1.      Dedicate to:                devote to_____                       ………………            _Cống hiến___

2.      Involved in: có liên quan tới …

3.      Wounded =                ____injured___                       ………………            ___bị thương___

4.      Initiated =                  _____started___                     ………………            ___khởi đầu___

5.      Appeal to: ____kêu gọi___

6.      Resulted in = bring about = ___caused____           ………………            ____dẫn tới___

7.      Catastrophe =            ___disaster____                      ………………            _____thảm họa___

8.      Suffering = physical pain: _____chịu đựng____

9.      Advacate for: ___tán thành_______

10.  Proposed =                 ________________                ………………            ____đưa ra, đề xuất___

11.  Famine = _________Shortage of food__

12.  Vulnerable = unprotected: ____có thể bị tổn thương_____

13.  Appalled =                 ____shocked_____                 ………………            __bị choáng____

14.  Tsunami =                  ___huge waves_____             ………………            ____sóng thần___

15.  Mounted = increased________________                ………………            ____tăng____

16.  UN = _____________________________

UNICEF = ___________________________________

WHO = _______________________________________

WWF = _______________________________________

WTO = ________________________________________

17.  Fill in : _______________                 - look up: ________________           - give up: ________________

18.  Put on: _______________                 - Take off: ________________         - Turn up: _______________

19.  Go off: _______________                 - Look after: _______________       - Try out: ________________

20.  Take after: _____________              - Hold up: ________________          - Get over: _______________

21.  Turn round: ____________             - Wash up: ________________        - Lie down: _______________

22.  _________

23.  ___________

24.  ___________


1.   Failure to win the championship will _______in the dismissal of the coach. {trainer}

   A. result                        B. happen                               C. affect                                D. cause

2.       He tried to_______to everyone to support him.

   A. make                          B. appeal                                C. persuade                           D. advise

3.       There was a hold-up on the road because a bridge had been_______away by the flood.

   A. washed                      B. flowed                                C. blown                               D. destroyed

4.       He_______his life to helping the poor.

   A. spent                          B. experienced                        C. dedicated                        D. used

5.       The Red Cross is a organization whose purpose is to help people in war time and _______ disasters.

   A. commercial               B. political                              C. military                            D. humanitarian

6.       She got angry when they started to_______her private life.

   A. ask for                       B. enquire after                       C. ask about                        D. enquire with

7.       She ran in a marathon last week but_______after ten kilometers. {withdraw}

   A. dropped out             B. closed down                      C. broke up                           D. made up

8.       Gertrude takes_______her mother; she has blue eyes and fair hair,too.

   A. in                               B. up                                       C. after                                 D. down

9.       It took him a long time to _______the death of his wife. {recover}

   A. take away                  B. get over                             C. take off                             D. get through

10.   During the flood, Army helicopters came and tried to evacuate _______ injured.

a. a                               b. an                            c. the                           d. Ø

11.   In former days, after the battles soldiers on both sides died or were left wounded on the field without any _______ attendance and basic care.

a. medicine                  b. medical                   c. medication               d. medically

12.   The International Red Cross has about 97 million volunteers whose main ______ is to protect human life and health.

a. mission                               b. experience               c. organization            d. rule

13.   The International Red Cross helps to ensure respect for the human being, and to prevent and relieve human _______.

a. protection                b. enjoyment               c. wealthy                    d. sufferings

14.   The Red Cross on white background was the original protection _______ declared at the 1864 Geneva Convention.

a. poster                                   b. billboard                  c. symbol                    d. signal

15.   The Red .Cross is an international organization that helps people who are suffering from the results of war, diseases or _______.

a. victims                                 b. disasters                 c. opportunities           d. conditions

16.   An international medical conference initiated by Davison resulted in the birth of the League of Red Cross Societies in 1991.

a. started                                b. helped                     c. treated                                 d. dedicated

17.   In times of war, the Red Cross is dedicated to reducing the sufferings of wounded soldiers, civilians, and prisoners of war.

a. mounted                  b. excited                     c. devoted                   d. interested

18.   _______ is a situation in which large numbers of people have little or no food, and many of them die.

a. Disaster                               b. Famine                   c. Poverty                    d. Flood.

19.   Helen has gone out and she will not be _______ till midnight.

a. off                            b. along                       c. back                        d. away

20.   The passengers had to wait because the plane ______ off one hour late.

a. took                                     b. turned                      c. cut                           d. made

21.   Be careful! The tree is going to fall.

a. Look out                  b. Look up                   c. Look on                   d. Look after

22.   The organization was established in 1950 in the USA.

a. come around            b. set up                                  c. made out                  d. put on

23.   The bomb exploded in the garage; fortunately no one hurt.

a. put on                                 b. went off                  c. got out                     d. kept up






TIẾNG ANH                 ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA            TIẾNG VIỆT 

1.      Human civization:     ………………                        ………………            __Văn minh nhân loại____

2.      Significant                 …important……                     ………………            __quan trọng, nổi bật #____

3.      Childbearing =            …giving to baby a birth…      ………………            ____việc sinh con__

4.      Suited for =                 ………………                        ………………            ___hợp với___

5.      Vary from =                Change                                    ………………            ____thay đổi___

6.      Interlactual ability = Ability of thinking and reasoning. – khả năng trí tuệ

7.      The Age of …….. :

8.      Advocate for =            ………………                        ………………            ___tán thành____

9.      Discriminate (v) ………………………. Discrimination (n) _________Phân biệt đổi xử_____

10.  The struggle: ____sự đấu tranh__

11.  Pioneer thinker: ______Người có tư tưởng tiên phong____

12.  Deap- seated culural beliefs: ___Đức tin nền văn hóa ăn sâu vào tiềm thức______

13.  free (v) = liberate (v): Sự tự do

14.  - lose contact with: _____mất liên lạc___

15.  - lose one’s temper: _____mất bình tĩnh_____

16.  - lose touch with: ________mất liên lạc__

17.  - prevent s.o from s.th: ______ngăn ai làm gì_____

18.  Neglect (n) : ___sao nhãng___



1.     People used to consider women to be better_________ for childbearing and homemaking.

   A. regarded                    B. suited                                 C. understood                      D. kept

2.     In the past, men seemed to_________ their duties at home.

   A. expect                        B. inspect                                C. neglect                             D. collect

3.     Nowadays, women have gained significant legal_________.

   A. wrongs                      B. rights                                  C. responsibilities                 D. works

4.     The pioneer thinkers_________that women shouldn’t be discriminated on the basis of their sex.

   A. recommended          B. disapproved                        C. showed                            D. passed

5.     The_________for women’s rights began in the 18­th century.

   A. battle                         B. war                                     C. struggle                           D. fight

6.     Women are only asking to be given equal_________to that of men.

   A. state                           B. status                                  C. situation                           D. ideas

7.     That scholar_________on people who haven’t been to university.

   A. looks up                     B. looks at                               C. looks down                     D. looks on

8.     Most relations between men and women soon_________in to love.

   A. deep                          B. deepen                               C. deeply                              D. depth

9.     The newspaper provided little_________about the cause of the war.

   A. enlightenment          B. meanings                            C. reasons                             D. ideas

10. It’s_________to say that women are slaves at home.

   A. truth                          B. action                                  C. legality                             D. rubbish          

11. He didn’t even have the intelligence to call_________an ambulance.

   A. at                               B. on                                       C. for                                   D. about

12. Martha Graham,_______of the pioneers of modern dance, didn’t begin dancing until she was 21.

   A. one                            B. who, as one                        C. she was                            D. was one

13. From 1865 to 1875, a remarkable variety of inventions_________.

   A. was produced           B. were produced                   C. are produced                   D. produced

14. The French Quarter is_________ famous and the oldest section of New Orleans.

   A. more                          B. the most                             C. the more                           D. most

15. The painting_________Ms. Wallace bought was very expensive.

   A. whom                        B. whose                                 C. which                              D. where

16. You_________carry that carpel home yourself; the shop will send it.

   A. can’t                          B. couldn’t                              C. needn’t                           D. mustn’t

17. Will it be necessary for us_________ this accident to the police?

   A. report                         B. to reporting                         C. to report                         D. reporting

18. A beautiful clock was given_________ her by a handsome boy.

   A. for                             B. to                                        C. at                                      D. ф

19. The kitchen hadn’t been cleaned for ages. It was really_________.

   A. disgusted                   B. disgust                                C. disgusting                       D. to disgust

20. She’s very old and can’t live alone. She needs someone to look_________her.

   A. for                             B. at                                        C. up                                    D. after

21. It was the_________ day of my life when I heard I failed the university entrance examination.

   A. sadden                       B. saddest                               C. sad                                   D. sadly

22. The homeless people_____story appeared in the paper last week have now found a place to live.

   A. who                           B. whom                                 C. that                                  D. whose

23. It is our duty to care for_________sick.

   A. an                              B the                                       C. a                                       D. ф

24. Rachel will be pleased if she_________ her driving test.

   A. would pass                B. had passed                          C. passes                              D. passed

25. The_________ you are, the more quickly you learn.

   A. more young               B. youngest                             C. younger                          D. young

Not all women can do two jobs well at the same time: rearing children and working at office.

  A. educating                    B. taking care of                    C. homemaking                       D. giving a birth

26. There have been significant changes in women's lives since the women's liberation movement.

                                          A. controlled                           B. economic                            C. important D. natural

27. Childbearing is the women's most wonderful role.

                                          A. Giving birth to a baby      B. Having no child                  C. Bring up a child                                             D. Educating a child

28. Most people consider it women's ________ to take care of children and do housework.

                                          A. limit                                    B. relationship                         C. responsibility                                           D. respect

29. Mrs. Pike is a feminist, who ________ that women should be offered the same job opportunities as men.

                                          A. varies                                  B. advocates                           C. leads           D. votes

30. It is against the law to _______ on the basis of sex, age, marital status, or race.

                                          A. suit                                     B. discriminate                      C. believe        D. gain

31. Women's status ______ in different countries and it depends on the cultural beliefs.

                                          A. varies                                 B. employs                              C. fixes            D. establishes

32. Women's contribution to our society has been ______ better these days.

A. differently                    B. naturally                             C. intellectually                       D. significantly






TIẾNG ANH                 ĐỒNG NGHĨA                      TRÁI NGHĨA            TIẾNG VIỆT 

1.      Accelerate (v)            ………………                        ………………            _Thúc đẩy__

2.      Economic growth-      ………………                        ………………            ____sự phát triển kinh tế____

3.      The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN): ___Hiệp hội các nước châu á__2

4.      Pay attention to:          ………………                        ………………            _____________

5.      gross domestic product = … GDP – Tổng sản phẩm quốc nội

6.      Goal: -                         aim, purpose                            ………………            ___Mục tiêu, mục đích___

7.      Justice : ___Công bằng_______

8.      Set up:                         ……Established……              ………………            ___Thành lập___

9.      Diversity:                    …variety………                     ………………            __phong phú____

10.  Enterprise:                   …company……                      ………………            _____________

11.  Integration:     ____sự hòa hợp___

12.  Co-operation: _____sự hợp tác___

13.  forge (v) = form: __tạo dựng_______



1.      The major goal of ASEAN is to ____economic growth, social progress and cultural development.

   A. cooperate                   B. accelerate [speed up]        C. communicate                   D. operate

2.      We are trying to control the ________ of the dollar on the world’s money markets.

   A. stable                         B. stabilize                              C. stability [constancy]      D. stabilizer

3.      _________ is the unit of money in many Latin American countries and the Philippines.

   A. Baht                          B. Ringed                                C. Dollar                              D. Peso

4.      The ASIAN was ________ on August 8th, 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand.

   A. established                B. begun                                  C. seen                                 D. proved

5.      We are _________ to produce unemployment by 50%. [aim: point/focus]

   A. aiming                      B. finding                                C. approving                        D. accepting

6.      The _______ is increasing faster and faster.

   A. Gross Domestic Product                                         B. Gross Domestic Production

   C. Growth Domestic Product                                        D. General Domestic Production

7.      All ASEAN countries are received equal rights and________.

   A. justification              B. justifiable                            C. justified                           D. Justify

8.      Strategic alliances are being ________ with major European companies.

   A. forced                        B. formulated                          C. forbidden                         D. forged [move forwad]

9.      There is a growing __________ that changes must be made to improve national economy.

   A. organization              B. realization                          C. civilization                       D. condition      

10. The aim of ASEAN is to promote closer economic_______.

   A. delegation                 B. integration [combination] C. reputation                        D. migration

11. We need to concentrate _______ our target audience, namely women aged between 20 and 30.

   A. on                              B. at                                        C. in                                     D. about

12. ASEAN helps to ____ regional cooperation in Southeast Asia in the spirit of equality and partnership

                                          A. invest                                  B. promote                             C. admit          D. invest

13. Rice is the _______ exported product of Vietnam.

                                          A. main                                   B. free                                     C. average       D. rural

14. Southeast Asia is a region of diverse cultures.

                                          A. same                                   B. adopted                              C. various       D. respected

15. ASEAN also works for the _______ of peace and stability in the region.

                                          A. promote                              B. promotion                         C. promotional                                           D. promoter

16. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, commonly referred to as ASEAN, is a geo-political and _______organization.            A. economy                             B. economic                           C. economics   D. economical

17. The motivations for the birth of ASEAN were the desire for a _______ environment.

                                          A. stable                                 B. stability                               C. stably          D. stabilize

17. ASEAN was founded on 8 August, 1967 with five ________: Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.          

                                          A. members                           B. competitors                         C. leaders        D. statesmen

19. ASEAN is an organization on the Southeast Asian region that aims to _______ economic growth, social

      progress, and cultural development.                          

                                          A. account                               B. include                                C. accelerate D. respect

20. The aims of the Association of Southeast Asia include the evolvement of economic growth, social progress, cultural development among its members, and the promotion of regional peace.

                                          A. goals                                   B. organizations                      C. missions     D. plans

21. ASEAN has emphasized cooperation in the "three pillars" of security, socio cultural and economic _______ in the region.     

                                          A. organization                       B. production                          C. integration                                              D. establishment

22. The ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) is an agreement by the member nations of ASEAN concerning local manufacturing in all ASEAN countries.

                                          A. progressing                         B. producing                          C. combining D. aiming

23. ASEAN has planned equitable economic development and reduced poverty and ___disparities in year 2020.                                

                                          A. socio-politic                          B. socio-cultural                   C. socio-linguistic                                            D. socio-economic

24. ASEAN's aims include the acceleration of economic growth, _______ progress, cultural, development among its members, and the promotion of regional peace.

                                          A. society                                B. social                                  C. socially       D. socialize

25. A combined gross domestic _______ of the member countries of ASEAN has grown at an average rate of

 around 6% per year.

                                          A. produce                              B. productivity                        C. production D. product

26. One of ASEAN's objectives is to help people think about peace and _______ and do something about it.                                       A. origin                                  B. justice                                C. statistics      D. record

27. There are plenty of industrial _______ established in the area, which also makes the government worried about pollution.                             A. series                                  B. goods                                  C. enterprises                                              D. relationships

28. Free _____ area is a designated group of countries that have agreed to eliminate tariffs, quotas, and preferences on most goods among them.                                                                        

                                          A. trade                                  B. cultural                               C. stable          D. adopted

29. The ASEAN Investment Area aims to enhance the competitiveness of the region for attracting direct

      investment which flows into and within ASEAN.

                                          A. produce                              B. combine                              C. found          D. improve

30. ASEAN has ___a community of Southeast' Asian nations at peace with one another and at peace with the world.

                                          A. joined                                 B. estimated                            C. established D. solved

31. Throughout the 1970s, ASEAN embarked on a program of economic _______.

                                          A. cooperate                            B. cooperation                       C. cooperative                                              D. cooperatively

32. 2007 was the 40th anniversary of the _______ of ASEAN.

                                          A. found                                  B. founder                               C. foundation                                           D. founding

33. Vietnam asked for _______ to ASEAN in 1995.

                                          A. admit                                  B. admission                          C. admissive   D. admissible

34. ASEAN economic cooperation _______ many areas, such as agriculture, industry, services, transportations, and tourism.                                                                                            

                                          A. creates                                B. contains                              C. consists       D. covers

35. ASEAN bodies in addressing global and regional concerns such as food security, _______ and disaster


                                          A. realization                          B. energy                                C. plan             D. diversity

36. The 8th ASEAN Science and Technology Week is now being ____ in Manila from 1 to 11 July 2008.

                                          A. held                                    B. joined                                 C. related        D. combined

37. The ASEAN Science and Technology Week aims to promote science and technology _____in the region.                               A. tourism                               B. solution                               C. forestry       D. development


                                                          CÂU HỎI GIAO TIẾP TRONG TIENG ANH HAY
Choose the best answer:                                 

1.Peter: “How do you do?” – Mary: “___________”
A.Yeah,OK                      B. Not too bad.            C. How do you do?    D. I’m well.Thank you
2.Lam: “Bye!”- Lan “_________.”
A.See you lately B. See you later C.Thank you D. Meet you again
3.John: “I’ve passed my final exam.”- Tom: “____________”
A.Good lock.                                            B. It’s nice of you to say so. 
C.That’s a good idea.                                D.Congratulation!
4.Hung: “Would you like to have dinner with me?”- Lam: “__________.”
A.Yes, I’d love to             B. I’m very happy                   C.Yes,it is                   D.Yes,so do I
5.Peter: “I enjoy listening to pop music.”- Maria: “_________.”
A. I’m, too B. I don’t C. Neither do I D. So am I
6.Ann: “Are you going to visit Britain next month?” – Kim: “Yes,_______.”
A. I am B. I do C. I like D. I going
7.Bod: “James is a very brave(
dũng cảm ) man.”- David: “Yes,I wish I _________ his courage.( sự dũng cảm)”
A. Had B. will have C. have had D. have
8.David: “You’ve got a beautiful dress!” – Helen: “________.”
A. I do B. Thanks for your compliment(‘kompim3nt) 
lời khen ngợi C.You, too D. Okay
9.Sue: “I love pop music.” – Alice: “____________.”
A. I do, too                       B.No, I won’t              C.Yes, I like it             D. Neither do I
10.Ann: “What do you usually do on Sundays?” – Mary: “__________.”
A. I used to drive to work                         B. I’d be sleeping all day 
C. I’m not doing anything                        D. I usually sleep until noon
11.Jack: “I’ve got to go, Sarah. So long.” – Sarah: “So long, Jack. And_____.”
A.be careful          B.don’t hurry  C. take care                D.don’t take it seriously
12.Mary: “That’s a very nice skirt you’re wearing.”- Julia: “_________.”
A.That’s nice                    B. I like it        C. That’s all right       D. I’m glad you like it
13.David: “Happy Christmas!”- Jason: “____________”
A.You are the same! B. Same for you! C. The same to you! D. Happy Christmas with you!
14.A: “________?”- B: “Once a week.”
A. How often do you go shopping                     B. How much do you want
C. Are you sure                                                                 D. When will you get there
15. A: “Sorry I’m late.” – B: “____________.”
A. OK                   B. Don’t worry                      C. Hold the line, please           D. Go ahead
16. A: “Good morning. My name is Turner. I have a reservation.” – B: “____________.”
A. What do you want?                                          B. Yes, a single room for two nights.
C. I haven’t decided yet. What about you?          D. What do you like?
17. Mary: “I’ve got an interview for a job tomorrow.” – Peter: “____________.”
A. Thank you                                B. Same to me                         C. Good luck  D. See you
18. A: “Thank you for the lovely present.” – B: “____________.”
A. Go ahead                      B. Not at all     C. Come on     D. I’m pleased you like it.
19. A: “Are you coming on Saturday?” – B: “____________.”
A. I’m afraid not B. I’m afraid not to C. I’m afraid to D. I’m afraid I don’t
20. A: “____________ do they travel abroad?” – B: “Once a year.”
A. When                B. How                        C. What time               D. How often
21. Ann: “Do you think you’ll get the job?” – Mary: “____________.”
A. I know so                     B. Well, I hope so      C. I think not   D. Yes, that’s right
22. Trung: “I’m getting married next week.” – Nguyen: “____________.”
A. Thanks, the same to you          B. Congratulations! C. Well done! D. Sorry to hear that
23. A: “How’s life?” – B: “____________.”
A. Sure                                                      B. Not too bad, but very busy 
C. Very well, thank you                D. Pleased to meet you
24. A: “Excuse me, what’s the time?” – B: “Sorry. I ____________.”
A. don’t see           B. do not have a watch                     C. won’t know                        D. know
25. A: “Are you free this coming Sunday?” – B: “____________”
A. Yes, I will        B. No, thank you                     C. Yes, I can   D. I think so. Why?
26. A: “____________” – B: “Certainly”
A. Welcome back!                                    B. What are you doing there? 
C. I’m sorry I am late                               D. May I borrow a pencil , please?
27. A: “Are you hungry?” – B: “____________”
A. Yes, I do                       B. Soon                       C. Right now               D. Yes, a little
28. A: “Would you like some more tea?” – B: “____________”
A. Yes, please                   B. Here you are                       C. It doesn’t matter     D. I’m OK
29. Hello, my name’s John. ____________ to meet you
A. Please               B. I am very well                                C. Pleased      D. Thank you
30. ____________? He’s OK now.
A. What is he                    B. How is he               C. How tall is he         D. What’s he like
31. Peter: “Thanks a lot for your wonderful gift.” – Mary: “____________”
A. You are welcome                    B. Thank you              C. Cheers        D. Have a good day
32. Dona: “ What’s your name?” – Helen: “____________”
A. Really?                         B. Pardon?                 C. OK              D. Forgive me
33. A: “Thank you for a lovely evening.” – B: “____________”
A. Don’t mention it                                   B. I’m glad you enjoy it

C. Yes, I’d like that                                   D. Yes, that would be very nice
34. A: “I hope to see you again.” – B: “____________”
A. I hope so, too               B. Good enough 
C. Thank you                                D. I realy enjoy meeting you, too.
35. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” – “____________”
A. Yes, thanks a lot                                   B. No, thanks you      

C. Yes, please                               D. No, you are welcome
36. Charles: “ Excuse me ….Mr. Ward?” – Mr. Ward: “____________?”
A. Eh! What co dấu ? mà  B. Yes  C. No   D. Thank you
37. A: “Let’s meet for a coffee tonight.” – B: “____________”
A. I hope not         B. I’m afraid I can      C. Yes, let’s   D. Yes, thank you
38. A: “____________?” – B: “Yes. I want to send some flowers to my wife in Italy”
A. Do you like flowers                 B. What do you like

C. Can you help me                      D. Can I help you.
39. A: “What’s ____________ , Peter?” You don’t look very happy.
A. matter               B. problem                              C. the matter             D. that
40. A: “Jenny, I passed my exam.” – Jenny: “____________”
A. Oh! B. Oh! Good luck C. Congratulations! D. Ouch!
41. “ Is she coming to the party tonight ?” – “___________ ” . I ca’t stand seeing her behaviour.”
A. I don’t think so                         B. I hope so     C. I don’t hope so       D. I hope not 
42. “ Are you going to be in town next Saturday?” – “ ___________ . I am in the countryside visiting my grandparents.”
A. No                    B.Yes              C.Surely                      D. Certainly
43. “ Where are you from ?” – “…………………………………”
A. Vietnamese                  B. American    C. Chinese                   D. California
44. “…………………” was he driving when the accident happened?” – “ About 60 kilometres an hour.”
A. How far            B. How quick              C. How fast    D. How long
45. “ I’m afraid I can’t come to your birthday party this weekend!” – “……………………………”
A. What a shame !            B. What a pity !         C. Me too.       D. What’s happened?
46. Alice: “ What shall we do this evening?” – Carol: “ ……………………………”
A. Let’s go out for dinner.                      B. Oh, that’s good! 
C. No problem                                           D. I went out for dinner
47. Maria: “ I’m taking my driving test tomorrow.” – Sarah: “ ………………!”
A. Good chance    B. Good time              C.Good day     D. Good luck
48. Helen: “ Where do you come from? “- Ann: “ ………………………”
A. In London                                            B. Yes, I have just come here 
C. I’m living in London                D. I come from London
49. Maria: “ I’m taking my end-of-term examination tomoorrow.” – Ann: “ ………………”
A. Good luck                                B. Good day   C. Good time D. Good chance
50. “ How do you do?” – “…………………………”
A. How do you do?          B. Good morning        C. Very well, thanks.  D. I’m fine, thanks.
51. “………………………… do you go to the dentist’s?” - “ Twice a year.”
A. When B.Why C.How D. How often
52. A:………………………………………- B: By bus.
A.What do you go to school?                   B. Do you go to school by bus ? 
C. Who are you taken to school by ?        D. How do you come to school?

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